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Meanwhile he is trying out his blogging here in St John’s Journal.

“I love the way the Bible is so brutally honest about people and circumstances.  For example, some of the Bible ‘Greats’ who accomplished much and are highly revered also have some of their less notable episodes included in the text.  Look at the lives of King David or Abraham for example.

“In a similar way, the Bible is also very honest about how some of the issues of family life; like unwelcome inherited traits and unresolved family fall out’s, go on to make big trouble later on.  Jacob’s family for example is a case in point.  Jacob started out as a twister.  He met his match in his Uncle Laban (on his Mother’s side) but over a long period God changed and softened him. Meanwhile his relationship with his older brother Esau was a problem for a long time and when you look at the fall out’s and problems his children had … well what goes around comes around!

“There’s nothing new under the sun as families can bring us ‘the best of times and the worst of times’.  Sometimes, decisions made or practices followed by one generation can continue to affect successive generations.  We see that today and at the Healing Prayer Centre at the Crossway we often pray over people’s Family Tree asking God to bring healing and wholeness and cutting the current generation free from traits or blights from the past.  We also often pray with folk who have current relationship issues in their families or with others as we seek God’s perspective and solution to these.

“Praying for healing and wholeness in relationships is as much part of the vision and purpose of the Healing Prayer Centre as praying for physical healing.  Our prayer teams work confidentially in the peaceful setting of the Crossway.”

Is there trouble in your family or relationships that would benefit from prayer?  Why not make an appointment?  Speak to Antony or Email the Healing Prayer Centre or call or text 0755 305 3252.


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