Annie writes from California

Update from Annie

Annie has sent us all this update on what they are doing in California:

“Nigel and I are visiting a small town, Redding, in Northern California.  Why?  We’re spending time at Bethel Church on a conference for Church Leaders.   We’ve come because we want to press in to know more of God.  I am passionate about Jesus.  There is more to know than I have already experienced – so, here I am – jumping in with both feet!

“We arrived last Thursday evening.  On Friday morning, down at Hebrews, the church coffee shop, I bumped into three 3rd year School of Ministry students.  They were jumping into the car to go downtown Redding to walk around and just tell people how much Jesus loved them.  Would I like to go with them?”

Decision Time

“My British reserve would like to have said ‘No!’  The adventurous spirit within me, though, was fighting to get out!  Decision time!

“Stay here on the terrace drinking coffee……in the lovely Californian sunshine… my comfort zone…….or jump in?  Isn’t this why I’ve come? – to go beyond the limit of where I’ve already been?

“I stepped over the edge of my experience – over the chicken line – and jumped in the car.”

So Simple!

“Downtown isn’t like Harborne!  But these guys knew that Jesus loved the people – not just something they said – they knew it – deep inside.   We basically wandered along the streets.  As they saw someone they would say ‘Hey, do you know how much God really loves you?’

“So simple.  Nobody refused this greeting and many let us pray for them.”

God Really loves you

“Alison, 19, was leaning against a wall having a quick smoke on her break from work.  We just said: ‘Hey, do you know how much God really loves you?’  Her face looked really miserable – she was having a bad day.  Her day was about to improve.  She agreed to let us pray for her.  We just welcomed the presence of God.  Well, she just started giggling and laughing in God’s presence.  Her face lit up as she experienced the love of God for herself.  God is so good.

The only Christian she knew was Grandma who made all the rules and regulations clear!  Now, for the first time, Alison was experiencing the Jesus of the gospel – Jesus full of joy and the Holy Spirit!  This Wednesday 31st October, Alison will have been clean from hard drugs for 3 years.  She is 19 years old.  God is good!  God really does love her so much.

“Later on, there was Kevin – 22 years old, sleeping on the streets.  He has been on the streets since he was just 13 years old.  His Mum is on the streets somewhere.  Dad has long gone.

“When he let us pray for him, tears streamed down his face as God touched him.  God gave Arnold, a Dutch student, a ‘father’ presence as he told Kevin how much God the Father loved him, that God was a good Father who cared for him and would never leave him.  Kevin gave his life to Jesus.  He exchanged all the “badness” inside for the Goodness of Jesus.  He gave his past to Jesus and received a brand new heart and a brand new future.”


I was overwhelmed with the privilege of just being there when Father God brought home one of His precious lost children.  God’s love is not just something we say.  God’s love draws people like Kevin and Alison.  God’s love releases fresh hope.

“Kevin had big bear hugs from the guys and a ‘Mummy’ hug from me.  Arnold and Thomas are taking him for breakfast at Church on Sunday.

“I went downtown with Arnold from Holland, Thomas from Switzerland and Levi from Oregon!  The four of us different nationalities but one purpose – to share with people the love of Christ.

“They kept saying to me ‘It’s all about LOVE!’

“I see what they mean!”

Thanks Annie for this, we look forward to your next report!


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  1. Martin Graham says:

    Sounds great, Annie. We want what you’ve got. Make sure you and Nigel are just as bold in GIVING IT TO US, rather than letting British reserve come back the moment you touch down in Brum!

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