Womens Breakfast – Thank You and feedback

Pat (Brydon) has emailed the following message about the recent Women’s Breakfast:

“I just wish to express a huge thank you to you all, for helping to make the Women’s Breakfast the success it so clearly was. Annie gave us a wonderful message – summarised as encouraging us to be women who are ‘carriers of hope’ to those around us. We looked at how we grow in hope through perseverance, lives transformed as a result of our hardship or suffering, cultivating an inner beauty; through our perspective and focus on God (If you know who you are and what you carry within you, nothing will be too difficult) tilting our chins to look up to God especially in the hard times, our source of help. We were encouraged to praise God to keep our focus in the right place (Romans 5 : 4-5).

“Everything ran so smoothly and there was a real buzz and relaxed atmosphere. I was amazed at how many women indicated they were attending the breakfast for the first time too! They obviously all felt so at home as they headed straight for the coffee & teas chatting away, roving around the tables even before breakfast had even started. They all finished breakfast and found time to rove around again before being asked to take seats to listen to Annie and worship!

“In no particular order, and I hope I do not miss anyone or any group who worked so hard behind the scenes…

“Thank you to Sue and Stella for updating and formatting the flyers, tickets and laminated cards with a new design. I am aware it all does take time…. and you make it look so easy! We are so grateful to all those who assisted in setting the Church up on the Friday afternoon (staff and volunteers). Setting up for a 100 has been time-consuming in the past so doing it for 150 was a real challenge for us and we are so grateful to you all. Thanks to Chris and Nic who did so much in the background, hiring extra tables/chairs crockery etc to enable us seat 150. Your involvement on the Friday and Saturday was greatly valued as you juggled the room configurations.

“Thank you to all those of you who sold tickets after the services and welcomed women as they arrived for breakfast. There were 148 registered names, our largest breakfast gathering!! Thankfully everyone who wanted a ticket had the opportunity to be there.

“Liz you did a wonderful job with the catering and coordinating the breakfast team of men – we wish the Men’s Breakfast team every blessing with their forthcoming breakfast next month. I think five women signed up to help. Thank you all the men who helped serving breakfast on the morning, clearing away and restoring the church for the Sunday services today.

“Thank you to Jenny and Janet for the stunning flower arrangements and table decorations. Thanks to Ruth who led our time of worship so beautifully, to Cassie on EW and Martin for providing us with PA.

“It has been a real team effort, Pat (Spencer) and I are so immensely grateful to you all.”


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