Celebrating Harvest

St John’s is celebrating Harvest on Sunday 7th October.  You are invited to bring gifts of food and other essentials along at any of our services.  They will be donated to local charities.

Can we encourage you to bring items from the lists of food given here, rather than fresh produce, as they are more useful to the people concerned.

The gifts will be distributed through the following four Birmingham based charities:

Karis Neighbour Scheme which works with the poor and disadvantaged in the Ladywood area; Restore a Churches Together in Birmingham ministry that works with asylum seekers and refugees;  helping hands a ministry of Solihull Renewal Christian Centre www.renewalcc.com with which St John’s works in partnership; and  St Basil’s in the city centre which works to prevent youth homelessness by providing accommodation and support services in Birmingham www.stbasils.org.uk

Gifts of food will also be given to Southgate Family Church, Kings Norton to distribute amongst families and individuals who are struggling from week to week in their locality.

Gifts of food and flowers will also be distributed to people in our local community on Monday 8th October.  If you can help with deliveries contact Jenny Paddock or phone The Church Office on 0121 427 4601.

Karis Neighbour Scheme particularly welcomes gifts of:  cooking oil, sugar, tea, coffee, cereals, tinned tomatoes, rice and pasta, nappies, toothpaste and soap etc

Restore particularly welcomes gifts of: Ground Semolina,Rice, Mealie meal, Noodles, Tea, coffee, sugar, Tinned tomatoes, chick peas, kidney beans, Tomato sauce/pasta sauce, Tinned tuna, beef, chicken, other fish,curry, stewed steak, chicken casserole etc (no pork or ham please), Breakfast cereals, Tins/jars of baby food, Cartons of long life milk and long life fruit juice, Jam and other spreads, Tins of fruit, Biscuits, cereal bars, chocolate, packaged cakes & dried fruit.

helping hands collects food and toiletry items.  Preferred items are tinned food, packets, jars and toiletries, especially nappies.

St Basil’s gratefully accepts donations of tinned and packeted foods.




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