Prayer for church members (02.05.19)

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People in our fellowship who are ill but not mentioned by name in the list below.

Family of Charles Bonsall 
Charles Bonsall died peacefully at home on Friday 26 April. Please pray for his wife Valerie, his daughters Emily and Katie and the extended family. A Thanksgiving Service for Charles will be held at St John’s at 11.30 on Friday 10 May followed by light refreshments. All are most welcome.

Sarah Holbrook
Please pray for Sarah following a recent diagnosis of glandular fever. Sarah is in her final year of studies at University. She would value prayers for a speedy and full recovery and for enough energy to meet her work deadlines.

Ann Hopkins
Ann is at home recovering from an operation for bladder cancer and is waiting results of a biopsy. Please pray for God’s healing and peace.

Gill McIlwaine 
Gill tells us that there are ‘No sticks! No crutches! No painkillers! No PAIN!’ Hallelujah! God is good!

Desmond Cole
Desmond’s scan went well, but he asks for continued prayers. He writes: ‘The scan went well, but I don’t get the results until I go back to see the consultant. The appointment date is the 16th May. I will find out then if and potentially what further treatment I need.’

Pamela Smith (Grandmother of Michelle Bishop)
Please pray for Pamela who is in Good Hope Hospital with chronic inflammation of the higher lung. Pray for healing and that she will be out of hospital soon. Please also pray for Michelle’s Mum, Marina, who is feeling the strain of travelling to visit.

Monica Finnemore
Please pray for Monica who had a bad fall at home last Saturday, hitting her head on a wooden chair arm.  She is in a lot of pain, and has spent one night in hospital.  Please pray for the pain to ease and for the return of her confidence in walking.

Sheila Carridine
Pray for Sheila as she recovers from a nasty bout of pneumonia.  Pray for a full recovery and for her strength to return.”

Sheila Brinkley
Please pray for Sheila Brinkley who has been in hospital following a fall and also has pneumonia.

Eileen (Grandmother of Jo English)
Jo writes: “Thank you for your prayers for my Gran. She is feeling physically better and is at home. She is still very down and feels very tired and anxious. Please continue to pray for her that she would know God’s presence with her.”

Moira Bedworth
Please pray for Moira who writes: “I had hoped to have a new hip in September, but was found to have a heart murmur at the pre-op. There have been lots of investigations for which I am most thankful. However along the way I have been diagnosed with lymphoma. I would value prayer for stamina for the necessary treatment, for a reduction of the present level of fatigue and an easing of the pain from the hip.”

Sue Clegg
Please pray for Sue who has a series of scans, tests and consultations for future treatment. She would appreciate prayer for peace, keeping close to and knowing God’s presence and healing.

Avril Vale (friend of Rosemary Kennedy)
Rosemary writes: “My friend Avril Vale now has complex health issues including emprosymeia, preparation for dialysis and a heart valve problem. At least two will require surgery with built in time for recovery. Give thanks for lifts to and from hospital in Manchester, but she remains quite ill. Please pray for peace, healing and energy. She was unable to fly to Milan to see family.”

Mary Watson
Please pray for Mary who is unwell and in hospital. She normally attends the midweek services.

Sam Parker
Sam is still enjoying his job, although it comes with significant challenges, as he’s supporting young people through their difficulties. Please pray he can find ways of leaving ‘stuff’ at work and that his own physical health doesn’t suffer as a result of the stress.

Lesley Osborn
Lesley continues on dialysis and should be having minor surgery to create a new fistula (access point for the dialysis tubes) which should reduce her risk of infection. Please pray for the timing of this and that it should be successful. Her balance has deteriorated which makes life quite difficult but she is in good spirits and is very appreciative of the support and practical help she gets.

Elizabeth Richards
Thank you to all who have prayed for me. I am a great deal better and doing most things again. We are so grateful that God has answered your and our prayers. My eyesight however has not returned. More prayer please.

Beryl Beavis
Beryl writes: ‘Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray for complete recovery of the nerves and muscles.’

Enid Jordan
Enid thanks everyone for their prayers and cards etc.  Please pray for increased health and strength for Enid.

Mark (friend of Brennan Horne)
Brennan writes: “Mark has had a kidney removed due to cancer. The other kidney is not working, so he is on dialysis. He has cancer in his lungs and no medication can be given to slow that down due to his strength of health at the moment. His world has been turned upside down in a matter of months. He is a single guy. Please pray for him and all his family.”

Elizabeth Brown (mother of Helen Van Vliet)
Helen writes: “Thank you for continuing to pray for my Mum who is much, much better, and still improving. Please continue to pray in the last little bit of her recovery – its been a long process, but she’s nearly there!”

Lorna Uden
Please continue to pray for Lorna who is still suffering from very painful blocked tear ducts. Please pray for complete healing and that she will be given the necessary treatment soon.

Sarah Ball
Sarah writes “I am thankful that I have been able to do more recently. Would you please continue to pray for increasing energy and a full recovery!”

Leah Sharibu
Please continue to pray for Leah Sharibu – a 16-year-old Christian girl who was kidnapped by Boko Haram and has still not been freed because she is a Christian who has refused to deny her faith.

The Moore Family
Please continue to pray for the Moore family and especially Sarah.

Asher Sinclair (2 years)
Pray for Asher, his parents David and Helen, his sister Erin, and his grandparents Will and Jo Drever. Asher has been at Great Ormond Street Hospital, is now home, but continues to need treatment.


Older members of our community especially for people with dementia and those who care for them.

Pray for Catriona and her team as they run monthly services at The Kenrick Centre. Pray also for all the residents attending these events.

Carers in our church family who are looking after those who are ill or in need of on-going care.

Housebound members of our fellowship, and those in nursing homes.

Those who can no longer attend church for a variety of reasons.

PCC members as they serve the church in 2019.

St John’s Buildings Project Steering Group as they meet fortnightly to discuss, plan and pray about our future building project.

And Mark Roper as he continues training for ordained ministry.

If you would like your prayer request to be included please email Fran, Emma and Jo on

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