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At St John’s we support a large number of mission partners through our Living Stones program – these are people commissioned and sent out […] to full-time Christian work, either in this country or overseas”.

At the moment we produce a regular printed newsletter featuring four or five mission partners on a rotation basis, and this is given out at Sunday services. This Sunday, issue 11 of the newsletter was published. This got us thinking about how we could bring Living Stones news online, and we had a few broad thoughts we’d like to share.

A group blog is an obvious idea for this, and I often cite the DfID blogs as great examples of group blogs – for example the International Citizen Service blog. Regular posts from all  the contributors keep the blog balanced and fresh – providing content on a range of topics under the broad subject. But how would this work for us with so many mission partners? I would have thought perhaps one post a week would be about right – so maybe ask those involved to post once a month. But that only leaves space for 4 or 5 people to be involved – I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I’d quite like a few more than that involved!

So what about several posts a week? It’s certainly an option if interest from mission partners warrants it, but I want to be careful not to overload people with news. Another option still is to have 5 partners blogging every month for 6 months, and then bring new ones on – but I shy away from this a bit as I’d really love those reading the blog to develop  a bit of a relationship with those blogging, so they want to follow their stories over more than just 6 posts. To me, limiting the amount of time that somebody’s blogging for just defeats the point a little.

Audiobooing (by tuija on Flickr)

There’s all sorts of other things we could do too, Twitter, for example could be great for people where internet access is limited, as it can be updated via text message. Or what about asking people to Audioboo their prayer requests every morning?

Of course this all relies upon people wanting to commit the time – on top of regular prayer letters and other updates they might be producing – but I think there’ll be at least a few up for it. And it’ll be a while before we get anything together I assure you, but if you’ve got ideas or experience – we’d love to hear ‘em in the comments.

15th Apr 2012 Posted in: Living Stones by Jon Foster
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