Feedback from Street Association members!

This is from a couple who are active members of our planning committee:

We moved into Fellows Lane 35 years ago. Until we became part of the Street Association (7 years ago),  we knew at the most 3 people in our road. Since joining, we’ve got to know not only our immediate neighbours but also several families in Yew Croft Avenue. We’ve made new friends and now say hello to several people as they walk up our road. The Street Association has been fun, sociable, and has given us a local community. Being part of this group is so worthwhile.

The next comments are from a couple who moved into the road three years ago:

  • Creates a very welcoming and friendly community feel
  • Felt welcome from the moment we moved in
  • Opportunity to meet and have a catch up with friends/neighbours
  • One feels comfortable asking neighbours for assistance
  • Sense of security since we look out for each other
  • Events are well organised, fun and inclusive of everyone
  • Overall builds a strong community spirit

This is from a couple in their eighties:

It is always nice to know that in an emergency help is at hand as relatives are not always immediately available.

This is from the man who hosts the Bake Off in his front garden:

It has broken down barriers and encouraged and enabled me to talk to many more of my neighbours than I would otherwise have done. It has meant my children have played with other children in the street that they would otherwise have not met. We have had many fun events spending time with and having fun with neighbours who have become friends. All of these things have enhanced our lives and it is a rewarding and fun part of life.

This is from a single lady in her seventies:

By being in the Street Association it has turned my neighbours into friends. It is lovely to meet them in the street or the shop and have a conversation instead of passing by.

Finally, this is from a girl of eleven, who was one of the helpers at our last Christmas Party:

I love everything done by the Street Association. The fish and chips/games nights, bake sales, Christmas parties etc. It is a really fun way to get to know everyone in our area. I think other areas should have a Street Association, a local group.

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