Are you on the St John’s Electoral Roll?

Electorall roll

Preparation of the St John’s Electoral Roll prior to the forthcoming Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) on Wednesday 25th April 2018.

Church of England Electoral Rolls are revised every six years.  Our current electoral roll runs from 2013-2018.  Electoral Rolls should provide a true indication of the real membership and strength of the Church, both locally and nationally.

Being on the Electoral Roll entitles you to vote at the APCM for the members of the PCC (Parochial Church Council) which is St John’s governing body. Being on the Roll also entitles you to be nominated for the PCC, or to nominate others.

Electoral Roll forms are available here to download or at Church for members of St John’s to complete and then place in the offering basket, Vestry or Church Office.  Last date for filling in a form to join the Electoral Roll is Tuesday 3rd April 2018.  

If you would like to find out more about the APCM, PCC, or Deanery Synod please read more in this helpful guide.



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