Prayer for Church Members (30th November)

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People in our fellowship who are ill but not mentioned by name in the list below.

Brian and Christine Martin
Brian and Christine write: “Thank you for your continued prayer support. We will be meeting with social workers on 30th November and we would value prayers for a good outcome for Simon that will support his mental health so that it improves.”

Brian Thomas
Brian is very grateful for everyone’s prayers. The gastroscopy on 24th November revealed that he has Grade C oesophagitis (more severe), a hiatus hernia and most likely Barrett’s oesophagus, where the cells of the oesophagus grow abnormally. He is on medication to reduce the inflammation. Brian would value prayer for healing and for peace for him and Karen as they await results from the biopsies taken.

Catriona Foster
Please pray for Catriona this coming month as she goes into various care homes/retirement complexes across the city during December. Please pray for opportunities to share the good news of Jesus this Christmas.

Joyce Storer
Joyce is very thankful for the prayers she has already received after breaking her hip and having an operation. She is recovering well and very thankful that she will soon be back to her normal activities. Please pray that she will continue to recover quickly.

June Fluck
June is due to have the first of two hip operations at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital on Tuesday 28th November.  She will remain at Willow House, West Heath Hospital until then.  Please pray that she will be in good health in the run up to the op and that God would grant wisdom to all involved with her care.

John Vale (grandfather of Michelle Bishop)
Michelle asks for prayer for her grandfather who was admitted into hospital last week with difficulty breathing and possible heart problems. Pray that he will be diagnosed and treated quickly and please also hold his family in your prayers.

Jane Saunders
Please pray for Jane this week following a hip replacement surgery on Tuesday 14th November. Please pray for a successful outcome and a good recovery.

Elizabeth Richards
Please pray for Elizabeth who had an operation to replace her hip on Tuesday 24th October. She says the wound is now nearly healed and the pain is subsiding. She thankful for your prayers and asks for continued prayer for increased mobility and strengthening.

Beryl Beavis 
Beryl wishes to thank everyone for their prayers. The operation went well and she now asks for prayers for a speedy recovery.

Sid Ball (father of Sarah Ball)
Please pray for Sid Ball this week following an operation on Tuesday 14th November, please pray that he will continue to recover well now that he is at home. Sarah has experienced some answers to prayer regarding her energy levels, which recently have been better than normal, but she would appreciate continued prayer for healing as she struggles with ME.

Thelma Jones 
Please continue to remember Thelma in your prayers.  She is still living in a Care Home in Cotteridge and at times is weak and frail.  However, she still thinks of all her friends at St John’s.  She would value your prayers that she would know the joy of the Lord as her strength.

Joy Allan
Please continue to pray for Joy Allan as she continues working on finishing her PhD while beginning her ministry at St John’s. She asks that we pray that she can give her all to both and still have time to sleep.

Christiane Neumann
Christiane Neumann is grateful for on-going prayer as she continues to experience extreme tiredness and has post radiation dermatitis. Pray that she will continue to know the Lord giving her His joy through these challenging times.

The Moore Family
Please continue to pray for the Moore family and especially Sarah.

Elizabeth Brown (mother of Helen Van Vliet)
Helen writes: “My Mum is still making a fantastic recovery, and we want to praise God for this. Please continue to pray for good sleep, increased energy levels and a full mental and physical recovery.”

Parents of Andrea Mason
Andrea asks for prayer for both of her parents, Derek & Margaret, that Derek’s dementia is managed appropriately, and support adequately provided.

Jean Evans (friend of Rosemary Kennedy)
Rosemary writes: “Jean’s consultant says there is a substantial positive response to the treatment and her treatment is now complete. Jean thanks St John’s for their prayers that have changed a terminal diagnosis. Please continue to pray for her recovery and further scan results.”

Lesley Osborn
Lesley Osborn is on renal dialysis. Lesley sends her thanks for your prayers which are much appreciated.

Asher Sinclair (1 year)
Pray for Asher and for his medical team as they try to work out the best way to stop his heart from arresting. Pray for his parents David and Helen, his sister Erin, and his grandparents Will and Jo Drever. Asher is at Great Ormond Street Hospital.


Older members of our congregation especially for people with dementia and those who care for them.

Carers in our church family who are looking after those who are ill or in need of on-going care.

Housebound members of our fellowship, and those in nursing homes.

Those who can no longer attend church for a variety of reasons.

PCC members as they serve the church in 2017-2018.

St John’s Buildings Project Steering Group as they meet fortnightly to discuss, plan and pray about our future building project.

Ben Baker, Sean Clancy and Mark Roper as they train for ordained ministry.

If you would like your prayer request to be included please email Fran, Emma and Jo on

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