Pre-Service Prayer Meetings

We want to encourage those involved in ministry/serving and any others able to attend, to meet to wait and on God and pray for services each Sunday Morning and Evening.  

We are re-introducing a formal time of prayer before Morning services in the Prayer Room starting at 8:40 am which will be led by the service leader.  The final part of this will take place at 9am at the front of church when service leader, preacher, worship team, members of staff, duty warden and representatives from the welcome, youth and children’s team will join together for no more than 5 minutes to pray a set prayer over the morning ministry. 

We continue to meet to wait on God and pray together before evening services starting at 5:40 pm.  This prayer time will continue to be led by the Prayer Ministry Coordinator with Service Leader and preacher in attendance.  Members of the Prayer Ministry team are also strongly encouraged to attend.  We are changing the pattern of the final part of this prayer time so that all those involved in service or ministry during the service and others, can gather together for no more than 5 minutes to pray protection and blessing over all that God purposes through the ministry. This final part will take place at the front of church at 6:10 pm and will involve service leader, preacher, members of staff, duty warden, prayer ministry team and members of the worship and welcome teams.   

In all this we want to promote and pay close attention to what God is saying and to ensure that there is togetherness and unity amongst all those involved in ministry or service in the services.  It’s appreciated that tasks in hand may preclude some people from coming together for the 5 minute finale at 9.00 am and 6:10pm but nevertheless we hope that representatives from each ministry area could make the time.    



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