Adopt a Student and Mentoring

We know from personal experience that being a student can be both a fantastic time to grow and explore faith and equally a time where faith can be challenged and where times can be tough. At St John’s Students we want to offer you all the support that you might need, and recognise that different people need different things. A few of the things we offer are:

Adopt a Student
St John’s has been adopting students for a long time. This is where a family or couple from St John’s ‘adopts’ a student into their family. What does this mean? It varies depending on the family and on the student, however, in general it means that a family invites you for lunch or dinner regularly. It is a family away from home and a chance to have people to visit when you might need a little support.

Student Lunches
We have lots of people in our church who like meeting new people and inviting them for lunch. This is simply a chance to be invited for lunch, usually with other students, and to meet people from our church. You’ll usually get chance to say hi on a Sunday before being invited.

The final support we offer, if it is wanted, is mentoring. This can be something formal which challenges you spiritually, or just someone a bit older to hang out with and to learn or get support from. We would hope to find a mentor which suited you – if you’re interested talk to one of our leaders about it.



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