Our Priorities

We have four key priorities for our St John’s Students Group and our time together. These are:

  1. Giving Glory (Worship) – Our whole lives are about giving thanks and praise to our God. Getting closer to him though prayer, singing songs of praise, studying his word, focussing on him in our everyday lives, this is what it is all about. Creating lives which point to Jesus. We meet and grow together and we seek to move forward in our faith and walk with God, whether we’re near the start of our journey with Him, or whether we’ve been going to church all our lives.
  2. Growing Up (Discipleship) – When we are discipled well, we are guided and moved forward in our faith by those who are further along the journey than us, and ultimately, by God. Discipleship means different things, and we offer a range of supports including ‘Adopt a Student’ and ‘Mentoring’ to give everyone who wants it the chance to grow and learn from others. We also believe that our students have a huge amount to offer and encourage students to get involved in our Youth/Children’s Ministry, to support and encourage those a step or two behind in their journey.
  3. Gathering Together (Fellowship) – Friendship and peer support is so important. We are a family and we enjoy time eating, laughing and having fun together. The journey of faith isn’t always easy, but it should be one full of fun, friendship, encouragement and support. With this in mind we actively prioritise social time together, whether it is a visit to the pub, cinema, or something different.
  4. Getting Involved (Ministry) – We believe that an important part of being involved in church life is serving in church life. There are ways to do this within our group but we also believe that it is really good and healthy for students to be involved in wider church life. You can read more about getting involved in church life here.


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