Christian Aid Week: standing with refugees like Nejebar

This year Christian Aid is focusing on the needs of some of the 65 million people across the globe who have fled their homes because of disasters and conflicts, some of whom have endured years of insecurity.

Nejebar’s story

Nejebar doesn’t have a safe place to call home…

Nejebar fled Afghanistan with her family after the Taliban threatened to kill her husband, Noor, who was a teacher. It wasn’t an idle threat – the Taliban first blinded, then murdered, another member of their family.

Read more about Nejebar’s story here

In supporting the annual house to house collection, St John’s shows solidarity with the other local churches during this nationally publicised week, and enables the administration by Christians of aid to people of all faiths and none who are in severe need. The money raised will help to supply essentials which we take for granted, and collecting also provides us with opportunities to pray as we walk round our local area and to bring into the community the blessing of being able to give.

Last year the collection in our area raised just over £3000 to support people in very difficult circumstances.

Envelopes need to be delivered early on in the Week, and collected before 20 May.

Helen NixonIf you would be able to help with the house to house collection in some of the roads in our parish this year, please contact Helen Nixon as soon as possible or speak to Helen or to Kenneth and Fiona Reid after one of the Sunday services.

We’ve really appreciated help from Authentic, Pathfinders and Rangers in past years!

On Sunday 14 May at the start of the Week, members of other local churches have been invited to join us at the 11.15 service, when there will be a short commissioning of all the Christian Aid collectors.

Click here to find out more about Christian Aid Week.



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  1. Helen Nixon says:

    Very many thanks to all the people who have helped with collecting and/or delivering envelopes during Christian Aid Week, including Pathfinders and Rangers, and also to the counting team in advance of our evening on Tuesday 6 June.

    The total collected through St John’s will be announced after that date, with individual thanks sent to the collectors. Thank you too to Emma for making sure people were aware of this need.

    For the first time, I tried some daytime calls to be sure of visiting all the houses allocated to me. I started out wondering whether this would be worthwhile and was very encouraged to receive a donation from the first house I visited on the Monday afternoon (although not from all the subsequent calls!). I was also blessed by a whole row of householders being at home to deal with gas works taking place that afternoon – thank you, Lord, for this timing! My morning attempt in a different road was less productive, and generally the best time to find people in is between 6.30 and 8.30 p.m., but the earlier calls were worthwhile as they made a second evening call possible.

    People who felt unable to give for whatever reason, and those where a “sorry you were out” message was left, were reminded that Christians care about the needs of others. There were several who either already gave through their own church or who intended to give online.

    The saddest response I received when I asked whether someone would like to give was “No thanks, I’m all right”, which made me want to continue the conversation along the lines of “Would you be able to help people who aren’t?” but I either lacked the courage or had the wisdom not to do this.

    I was glad to be involved in giving people in our area an opportunity to gain the blessings which come to those who are generous. Perhaps some were reminded of how rich we all are in comparison to those to whom Christian Aid is showing God’s love and compassion in many practical ways.

    I am very grateful to Angie Atkins for passing over her comprehensive records which made the process clear to follow, and for all the support which Angie and Dave have given to Christian Aid in this way over past years.

    Although I was pleased to be free to co-ordinate the collection this year, I am not sure that I will be able to continue next year. Please pray that the right person(s) will feel called to take on this annual ministry.

    It could be you!

    If you are wondering about this, please contact me or Angie Atkins for further details, or look at this article

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