Prayer List for church members, 25th August 2016

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People in our fellowship who are ill but not mentioned by name in the list below.

Caroline Gilmour-White
Caroline, ex Living Stone, plans to move to a nursing home in September.  She would value prayer for energy to ‘stay the course’ and manage all the changes that need to be made before the move.

Lesley Osborn
Lesley has sent us an update: “I am being prepared for when I need dialysis. My main prayer request is that I can manage without it for as long as possible. I have been well enough to have a short holiday for which I am very thankful.”

Sarah and Richard Gough (returning members of St John’s)
Update: Sarah, Richard, Isobel and Eleanor have now found a place to live in Harborne but are still waiting on a Yr 1 school place for Isobel. They would value prayer that this is resolved in the near future.

Father of Pat Brydon
Pat has asked us to pray for her father, aged 89, who has been diagnosed with bowel cancer and is awaiting surgery. Please pray for his health and wellbeing, for healing and a good recovery, and that he would know God’s goodness and love for himself personally.

Christiane Neumann
Update: Christiane is grateful for our prayers.  She continues with chemotherapy, with two more treatments prior to surgery.  She would value on-going prayer for healing but says she is generally in good heart and thanks God for that.

Alison and Leonard Browne
Pray Alison and Leonard Browne following the recent death of Alison’s mother. Pray for Alison, Leonard and her father Tom at this sad time.

Pray for Leonard and Alison, and Alison’s father as they settle into the vicarage and to life in Harborne.

Fred Collin (former member of St John’s)
Pray for Fred following the recent death of his Mum.  She had been unwell for some time.  More information from Ian Edgington.

Sid Ball (father of Sarah Ball)
Following a long spell in hospital, Sid has been fully discharged and is now settling back at home. Pray for him and his carers as they learn how to manage his various health needs. Pray for the family following the death of Sid’s sister Doris a few weeks ago.   Pray for strength and wisdom for Sarah and her siblings at this time.

Barbara Hawkins
Please pray for Barbara struggling with poor health.

Asher Sinclair (ten months)
Pray for Asher and his medical team as they try to work out how to best help and care for him. Pray also for his parents David and Helen, his sister Erin, and his grandparents Will and Jo Drever. Asher is at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Des Cole
Pray for good outcomes for Des following many months of illness.

Parents of Andrea Mason
Please pray for Andrea’s father who has deteriorating health problems and is currently undergoing investigations. Andrea asks for prayer for both of her parents at this difficult time.

Hazel Herbert
Please pray for Hazel who developed pneumonia some months ago following a chest infection. Pray for her continued recovery, which is ongoing.

Richard Kent


Older members of our congregation especially for people with dementia and those who care for them.

Carers in our church family who are looking after those who are ill or in need of on-going care.

Housebound members of our fellowship, and those in nursing homes.

Those who can no longer attend church for a variety of reasons


Leonard Browne as he starts his ministry at St John’s in September.

Antony Spencer as he continues to lead the church during the interregnum.

PCC members as they serve the church in 2016-2017.

Diana Hopkins our new Children’s Pastor as she prepares to take up the post in January 2017.

Ben Baker as he moves onto training for the ministry.

If you would like your prayer request to be included please email Fran and Stella on

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