Jam, cream and lots of laughter …

Cream Tea Catriona tells us about the Prime Time Reunion 2016 which took place recently.

“What makes you laugh?  Is laughing contagious?  Do you think laughter is like medicine and if so, are you taking your pills regularly?

“These were some of the questions our guests discussed round their tables at our recent Prime Time Reunion cream tea.

Cakes“50 guests and 30 helpers gathered for the afternoon and in between a feast of home-made scones and cakes and the odd joke, we indulged in some classic comedy moments such as The Two Ronnies ‘Four candles’ sketch and the Dad’s Army ‘Don’t tell him, Pike’ excerpt.

“We were entertained by Linda Phillips’ rendition of ‘Albert and the Lion’ and we also watched a compilation of photographs showing much fun and laughter spanning our eight years of Prime Time.

Table Conversations“As the theme unfolded through the afternoon there were some more serious moments as we talked around the tables about how we deal with the times when we don’t feel like laughing and what strategies we use when joy and happiness feel far away.

“This was illustrated by hearing of Gill McIllwaine’s experience of being seriously ill and yet knowing the truth of Nehemiah’s words that “The joy of the Lord is your strength”.

“They say that most laughter is in response to social situations rather than hearing jokes.  So Ian – although we appreciated your jokes – perhaps our guests benefitted more from simply being together and enjoying each other’s company.

“They also say that a healthy laughter can help you to reduce pain and prevent infections, so here’s hoping after this event there were 80 healthier people.

The Servant Queen “As our guests left, each was given a gift of the brand new book ‘The Servant Queen and the King she serves’ – a book focusing on the Queen’s Christian faith published by Bible Society, HOPE and London Institite of Contemporary Christianity.”




Catriona FosterCatriona Foster is St John’s Older People’s Pastor







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