Postscript to Lent

Lent display 2016Oz Osborn reflects on the Lent display which he started at the beginning of Lent and completed a few days ago.

The gradual building up, with a mix of stone and brick is a visualisation of a life. The individual life with its ethos, actions and memories; but also of the collective life of a church.

On Maundy Thursday it becomes the ‘Hill of Calvary’, because it is our individual and corporate lives that make Calvary necessary.

Good Friday, and the blood that of Jesus runs with love, soaks through the stones and spills over.

On Easter Day, in the beauty of the flowers, the realisation of transformation becomes visible.

On the following Sunday living plants appear.

Easter is not the end of the story but the beginning.

In the next few days the whole body will be dismantled.  The flowers will be passed to others.

The plants will be planted in gardens to bloom again and again.

The stones, which are the essence of our lives, individual and corporate, will be put to new uses.





6th Apr 2016 Posted in: News by Stella Jennings 1

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  1. Patty McCulloch says:

    Thanks, Oz, for giving this explanation – though actually it spoke very clearly without the need for words. Thank you for creating it for us.

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