‘Do it again, God!’

Testimony Wall ONE“Give thanks with a grateful heart”  – Sue Clegg writes:

“Recently I had opportunity to visit a magnificent church that is known for the healing presence of God.  This commenced following one visitation many years ago.  A corridor is now filled with articles and letters of thanks to God for healing received.

“While I was there I reflected on healing I have received.  The joy that giving testimony brought to those who interceded for me, and the greater rejoicing that would be taking place in Heaven.  There is another element too – that of encouraging others to avail themselves of His healing presence.

“Testimony comes from the Hebrew root ‘to do again’, so I suggest that giving testimony is prophetic, in that faith increases for God to ‘do it again’.  God is able to heal, restore, deliver, and mend every area in our lives, and it is so encouraging to hear how He is doing it.

Testimony wall two“When we hear about someone’s breakthrough we are encouraged to keep praying, and keep believing God, in expectancy that He will do it again. In Revelation 19:10 we read, “The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy!”  As we share what Jesus has done, whether in small or greater ways, we release prophetically that He can do it again.

“There are many reasons for reticence in sharing. Within prayer ministry and the Healing Prayer Centre our desire to respect the individual, and show God’s love to our guests means that we will not divulge what has taken place, yet God moves miraculously every time we encounter Him.

“I would love to to hear how He has ministered to you, and ask Him to ‘do it again’ for others.

“Maybe someone gave you an encouraging word that totally transformed your day. Maybe God delivered you and gave you freedom in an area of struggle. Maybe you were partially or completely healed or you were living with pain and are now pain free.

“Perhaps you received freedom from a place of being trapped, or a negative habit has been broken. Perhaps you were empowered to change, received transforming peace, equipped for a new task, given courage, given hope.  Sometimes it is the simple yet profound knowledge that Jesus is present and with you.

“The list is endless; I have witnessed so much at the Healing Prayer Centre over the months.

“As we speak the truth of what He has done for us, others are encouraged and power is released for Him to ‘do it again’.

“Have you been touched by God during prayer ministry at St Johns?  Your testimony could release the breakthough for someone desperately needing a touch from God.  It will encourage those who minister faithfully, to continue because God has heard their cry.

“I’d love to hear from you, about what God has been doing,  and maybe to share it with others with your permission – anonymously, if you wish.”
Sue CleggSue Clegg heads up the ministry of the Healing Prayer Centre.  For more about the HPC go to this link on our website.

You can email Sue on healingprayercentre@stjohns-church.co.uk





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