‘Stories in the city’ – Easter day message from Bishop David

Bishop David Easter message

Published 27th March 2016

‘I will create Jerusalem as a joy’ said the Lord through Isaiah but in that place of God’s Peace the revolutionary prophet-messiah Jesus of Nazareth was put on trial, tortured and executed.

The human desire for cities of security, comfort and certainty seems thwarted throughout history to this very day from Beijing to Brussels, Delhi to Durban.

In Dublin exactly one hundred years ago the poet WB Yeats wrote that ‘a terrible beauty was born’. This week in Aden, Yemen, a Christian priest Father Tom is reported as being in mortal danger from ISIS.

A cross-centred faith does not dodge the agony, unfairness and evil of suffering but finds a way through, by grace of forgiveness and courageous action. Pray for Father Tom.

In Jerusalem, Jesus’ true revolution was revealed in his being seen alive in a resurrection body. The story that had stalled in the despair of betrayal and the loneliness of grief was given a faith-stretching turbo-charge that left the first Christian witnesses even more uncomfortable. Shaken out of the ordinary misery of mourning they were ‘perplexed’, ‘terrified’ and ‘amazed’. They then were turned out into the world, with power from on high, to share the faith that was within them…. Read the full message

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