Prayer for Church Members (4th February 2016)

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Jeremy Sharpe
Pray for Jeremy undergoing renal investigations at QEHB.

Thelma Jones
Please pray for Thelma who is due to have her second eye operation on Wed 10th February.  Pray that it will go ahead and that she will be able to cope with the procedure.

Lesley Osborn
Lesley is out of hospital but due to have valve replacement at the end of the month. Please pray that this would go ahead without complication. Lesley is very grateful for answered prayer following her recent hospital admission.

Baby Asher
Although there have been some improvements, please continue to pray for Baby Asher in cardiac ICU at Great Ormond Street with a life threatening virus.  Pray for his parents David and Helen, his sister Erin, and his grandparents Will and Jo Drever at this very difficult time.

Doris Macdonald
Please pray for Doris for continued good recovery at home following a major gall bladder operation.

Iris Andrews
Iris Andrews has been discharged, after a long spell in hospital with a broken leg. Pray that she will have health and strength to regain her independence.

Sid and Margaret Ball (parents of Sarah Ball)
Please continue to pray for Sarah Ball’s mother and father.

Des Cole
Please continue to pray for his ongoing recovery.

Barry Blakemore
Pray for Barry who is poorly at home. Please pray for Yvonne as she cares for him and for their children Simon, Faith and Miriam.

Priscilla White (Area Dean and Vicar of St Faith and St Laurence)
Please pray for Priscilla recovering from surgery for cancer, and as she returns to work.

Delphine Nurse
Please pray for Delphine as she continues to recover from radiotherapy treatment.

Richard Kent

Others in our fellowship who are ill but who are not mentioned in this list.


Carers in our church family who are looking after those who are ill or in need of on-going care.

Housebound members of our fellowship, and those in Nursing Homes.

Those who can no longer attend church for a variety of reasons


Parish Representatives -Pray for Geoff Heyes and Janet Ryland as they meet with the candidates and their spouses, working and praying with them to explore whether a move to St John’s is right for them and us.

New Appointment Group – Pray for the Church Wardens: Brennan Horne, Debby Bridge, and other members of the group: Jeremy Thompson, Lis Whybrow, in their supporting role.

The Bishop and the Patron, Church Society – pray for their important roles in appointing our new Vicar

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