Thoughts & reflections from the Quiet Morning – Sunshine in Winter

The following was written by Helen Nixon following the St John’s ‘Women’s Quiet Morning with Catherine Ogle’ on Saturday 16th January 2016

Reflections on being seen by God, being regarded with love

“You are my daughter. My beloved. With you I am well pleased.”

Sunshine in WinterLord, you see

    my restlessness
    my distractedness
    my lack of faith
    my lack of purpose

and you love me anyway

Lord, you see

    my glimpses of you
    my lack of love
    my moments of insight
    when I have held onto you

and you love me anyway

Lord, you see

    that you made me, this particular combination of characteristics, from way back
    that you chose me
    that you rescued me
    that you hold me

and you love me anyway and always

Lord, you see

    where I have grown
    where I am growing
    where I have stopped growing
    where I can still grow
    where you are working

and you love me anyway

Lord, you love me enough

    to send your Son into this fallen world to die for me before I loved you
    to live in me by your Spirit
    to promise me a future and a hope

A tree planted by the waters does not do, but it produces fruit and provides shade and shelter just by being there, in the right place, living how it was designed, absorbing the available light and water.

The Father’s delight is in the process of growth as well as its outcome.

Thank you, dear Father, for such love

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