St John’s Students and a visit from Santa…

Student partyMartin Graham tells the story:

“Thirty St John’s students crowded into a fairly small lounge for their Christmas party on Wednesday.

STudent Christmas partySanta with students“This involved chicken-‘n-ribs, carol singing, a Christmas movie and a ‘Secret Santa’ exchanging of presents, which were specially presented by Santa himself.”



Martin adds: “Any questions on how Santa fits into Christmas – theologically, to Antony, please!”

Question from the Comms Team – who played the part of Santa?!







10th Dec 2015 Posted in: News, St John's Stories by Stella Jennings 2

2 Responses

  1. Martin Graham says:

    It’s rumoured that it may have been Callum!

  2. Helen Nixon says:

    Not sure about the theology, but this is a thought provoking poem on the subject (sorry for the length of the link; thanks to Pat B for sharing it on Facebook)

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