A ‘Knitivity Story’ – with Monday Brownies

Knitivity Stable SceneCatriona reports on an evening at Brownies

“Earlier this week (Monday 7th December), we had a coming together of the generations as the Monday night Brownies at St John’s invited ten older people to join them for their final night of the term.

“The story really began back in the summer when some of the Prime Time guests knitted the characters of the Nativity to give to the Brownies. These knitters were among the guests who were entertained on Monday.

Home made cup cake“Two of the girls earned their Hostess badge by baking cakes and serving their visitors with drinks, cakes and mince pies.




Pass the ParcelThe chocolate game“Some of the visitors then joined in ‘pass the parcel’ games, but for some reason, all declined the offer of joining in with the ‘chocolate game’. Was it a bit too fast moving, I wonder?!



Knitivity characters “We then all sang some carols together before the “Knitivity” characters were distributed amongst the Brownies.



Knitivity characters



Close up knitivity scene“As the Christmas story was recounted, the girls gradually placed their characters to make up the Nativity scene – an effective, hands-on way to hear once again the familiar story and to marvel at the wonder of it all.

“The characters will also be used with Strong Towers next Sunday morning; and then they will be displayed for the Monday morning Drop In at The Crossway on 14th December.”


Catriona Foster is our Pastor for Older People




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