‘Surprise, joy and delight’

Jude SmithJude Smith writes:

“Once more, as Christmas approaches, it’s that time of year when we can all think about being involved in ‘Bake and pray’ – now in its 13th year and still going strong!

“It is a simple way of blessing and thanking all our businesses on Harborne High Street.


Bake and Pray image“The idea of bake and pray is to choose, and sign up for a shop (or more than one!) to bake or buy a cake or other goodies, and to pray for that shop as you bake or buy.

“Then in the month of December, take along the cake/other goodies to the shop, (before 13th December) along with a Christmas card from St John’s which gives details of the Christmas services.

“Surprise, joy, and delight, is the response from most of the shops. As you bring them Christmas greetings, you can take the opportunity to invite them along to the carol service…..you may even have opportunity of saying more to them, depending on how busy they are.

Tray of cakes“I would encourage everyone to join in….as an individual, as a family, or even as a home group venture. Last year the Mighty Warriors, and some of the authentic cell groups joined in, signing up for several of the businesses.

“A suggestion for home groups is that you sign up for one of the bigger places, e.g. Waitrose. Each person in the group could make a tray bake or similar… you could arrange all the contributions together on a large tray/in a large box – this can look very effective and festive.

“There have been several changes on our High Street since last year. Maybe you might like to sign up for one of the new businesses….or maybe you would like the same place as last year! Do feel free to email me to reserve your shop, to avoid the disappointment of someone else getting in first!

“I will be in the main hall between the morning services, and again after the evening service every Sunday from Nov 15th, until every shop is signed up for!! You will also be able to pick up your card there, to go with the cake, and some simple instructions. Feel free to get in touch with any questions you might have.”


Shop Map image

One of 10 pages of the Shops Map

What to do next?

Sign up on the map of the High Street shops available in the Main Hall from 15th November.  Or you can speak to Jude yourself at church, email her, or contact The Church Office and Sue will pass on your details.

Tip: It is a good idea to do a little research on your shop to find out how many people work there so you know how big the cake needs to be or how many cakes to bake.


Cakes on a tray

Report back from Jude after Week One of signing up







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