Reporting back from the foodbank…

Doris Macdonald reporting:

“The last time I took the food to the Oldbury food bank the lady who received it was anxious that the people of St John’s should know how much it is appreciated by those running the food bank and by the recipients.

“While some folk can give readily for others, it is quite sacrificial to give and folk are generous to the food bank.   To know that their contributions are appreciated is always a good thing.

“The Oldbury  food bank is run by Christ Church, Quinton.”


Quinton & Oldbury Food bank window displayYou might like to follow this link to find out more about the Quinton and Oldbury food bank and see how you can help.




Foods required by the Quinton and Oldbury Food bank – place your donations in the bins at church.


UHT & Powdered Milk
UHT Fruit Juices
Tinned and Packet Soups
Pasta Sauces
Sponge Puddings – tinned
Rice Pudding – tinned
Instant Coffee
Instant Mashed Potato
Tinned meat and fish
Tinned vegetables
Tinned fruit
Jam and Spreads
Biscuits and cereal bars








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  1. Michael Waters says:

    Occasionally clients of the Debt Strand are referred to the food bank – often because they’ve been switched from one benefit to another and there’s been a delay in payment.
    The food bank fulfils a vital need at times for some families.

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