Three ingredients for a Care Home Service…

Display1. Keep it simple
2. Make it visual and interactive
3. Have a great team of volunteers

Catriona writes:
I’ve just returned from our Harvest service at The Kenrick Centre and feel really encouraged by the way that the residents engaged. Not many came – just a few from the Residential Unit and a couple from the Day Centre, but I am convinced that it was most definitely worth the time and effort involved.

George choosing fruitWhile praying before the service, I was reflecting on the AIM of such a service – it is to help the participants (many of whom have dementia) to connect with God. To provide them with the opportunity to worship and pray, to encourage them in their spirit and to remind them of God’s love for them. Most cannot get to church, how very important that church gets to them!

That is the aim, so what is the METHOD?
1. Keep it simple. In the case of today’s harvest service, that meant two well-known and well-loved hymns, using the chorus of one of them as a refrain repeated a number of times during the service – “All good gifts around us are sent from heaven above, then thank the Lord, o thank the Lord for all His love”. It meant two tiny “Thoughts” of just a few sentences each and a simple three-phrase prayer for others, using the response “Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer” and the Lord’s Prayer.

Handing round fuit2. Make it visual and interactive.
The Harvest display provided a focal point. But we could also lift bits off and pass them round, so we studied the beautiful colours of autumn leaves, had a game of conkers, decided whether we preferred brown or white bread, cornflakes or Weetabix! To really enter into the appreciation of God’s provision, a selection of prepared fruit was offered round half-way through the service.

3. Have a great team of volunteers.
That helps a lot (especially when I arrive at the Centre then discover that I’ve left my most important bag at home).

2 at Kenrick croppedOur next service at The Kenrick Centre will be on Remembrance Day.









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