“Why sing a new song”

Guitar Player 8305915790_5b21a211f2_oYou may have noticed recently at church that we are singing some new ‘home-grown’ songs.

Along with other songwriters at St John’s, I have been getting together so that we can encourage each other in the process of writing new songs for the church to sing.

But ‘why?’ you might ask. Do we even need new songs?

Psalm 98 says ‘Sing to the Lord a new song, for He has done marvellous things.

I believe we are to write and sing new songs as we celebrate what God has done, and is doing right now, in this church community. Remembering that, although He is the God of the past, He is also the God of the present and the future. He is alive and very much active.

There is a work that He is doing right here, among and through us, that is unique. And new songs help us to pray about, meditate on and celebrate this.

We are to ‘pour out our hearts‘ (Psalm 62), digging deep within ourselves for the words to express who He is, what He has done, who we are and what we long for. To wake up the creativity within us as a voice to the world.

We are to ‘worship in Spirit and Truth‘ (John 4:24) – as the Spirit leads us today, with honesty and openness before the living God, firmly grounded in Jesus, as God is revealed.

And lastly, there is the power of words- what we sing as a church helps define who we are and what we believe. Of course we should keep singing songs of the past – they help us remember our rich heritage, and truly speak of God’s unchanging nature and never failing love. But I wonder if now is the time to be singing new home-grown songs. Songs of hope, of unity. Songs that cry ‘come Holy Spirit, we need more of you’. Songs that encourage us to a fuller life of witness to Jesus Christ. Songs that paint a picture of a Hope that is to come.

Why sing a new song? Because God himself sings new songs over us, (Zephaniah 3:17) if only we’ll stop and listen.

Let’s embrace the new song and embrace the new season.

O Son of God, take my hand

And lead me to your promised land

Where streams are flowing, new life is growing

O Son of God, take my hand…

Marcus PagnamMarcus Pagnam September 2015





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