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City Pastors is an initiative involving volunteers from local churches working in partnership with Birmingham’s Westside & Southside Business Improvement Districts to ensure that the city is a safe, vibrant environment for everyone who visits.

The team of around 50 volunteers serve the night-time economy every Friday & Saturday night providing a calming, caring presence in the city, working alongside Street Wardens, paramedics, Police and door staff. They offer support to clubbers, diners, concert go-ers, homeless people, tourists and anyone else we encounter on the street who might become vulnerable.

On his visit to Birmingham in February this year, Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby praised the project:

‘Your work is… clearly a great gift for the city and for the church. I was very struck by the way in which the call to service not only delivers God’s love and power of transformation to those to whom the service is directed, but also among those who are serving.’With the Archbishop on Broad Street

Our volunteers range from those of student age to retired people. Perhaps you imagine that this type of ministry isn’t for you, or that it is a step too far out of their comfort zone. Jennie Philpot, a member of St. John’s talks about what being on the project means to her: “We’re called to be Jesus’ hands and feet. When clubbers ask why I leave my warm, dry home in the late evening to come to Broad Street, I always say the same thing: ‘I think it’s where Jesus would be’. Four years ago, I found a woman who was crying by my house after clubbing and losing her phone. I knew I wanted to help others in her situation and City Pastors gave me the opportunity to be trained and do it safety.”

Digby Horlock serves on the project with his wife, Jane, – also members of St. John’s – and comments on the impact of City Pastors’ ministry: “Reuniting girls with parents after a concert, giving directions, waiting with someone for a taxi, radioing Police camera when someone become vulnerable are what we do as City Pastors. A grateful person once asked why we had helped them, to which we replied, ‘Because God cares’, and that’s why we joined the project, working a night or so a month in Birmingham’s vibrant entertainment district, helping people to have a good night out.”

Could this be for you? City Pastors is now recruiting. If you are up for a challenge and want to find out more, email us on

Training will be held on 27th October & 3rd November.

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