What is your Harvest Response?

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This year we have decided to take a new approach as to how you can make your Harvest response at our services on Sunday 4th October. There are many needs locally, city wide, globally and so we decided to offer a number of different options so that your support could be focussed on what God lays on your heart.

For many years St John’s has had an amazingly generous response to requests for food items. This is great, but can cause storage problems and an overstock for particular food types (for example: there is a particular glut of baked beans in various food banks around the country). We would love to continue this generous response, but would also like to give opportunity for other forms of giving, namely:

  • Groceries Response
  • Financial Response

Harvest Response text

This year our food gifts will be divided between:

Restore logo                   AND                Quinton & Oldbury Foodbank logo

Both of these organisations would appreciated if you could give items from the following list ONLY:

Tinned Vegetables
Tinned Tuna
Tinned Pineapple
Tea Bags
Long Life Milk
Chocolate Spread
Fruit Juice (Long Life cartons)

All items must be in date or have long use by dates

Financial Response text

None of us can be unaware of the Syrian Refugee Crisis and we want to offer an opportunity at Harvest to respond not only to this international crisis, but also to the need of refugees in our city.

This year our financial response will be divided between:

Restore logo      AND    Hadath Baptist ChurchCapture
here in                                                           in Beirut,
Birmingham                                                Lebanon

How to make a financil response text

Place your gift of cash or cheque (made out to ‘St John’s PCC’) in an envelope marked ‘Harvest’ into the offering basket at any on the services on Sunday 4th October.

If you are already registered for Gift Aid please write your name on the envelope. If you are not registered for Gift Aid and are a UK tax payer please fill in a yellow envelope and mark it ‘Harvest’.

Envelopes are available at the back of church and the Welcome Area in the main hall.

If you would like to give online please email the church office.

For more information, click here to download our Harvest 2015 flier or pick up a hardcopy at church.


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