Minutes of the PCC Meeting on 19th January 2015

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Minutes of PCC St John’s Church Harborne

Date of Meeting:  19 January 2015; Time:  7.30pm; Venue: St John’s Church

Geoff Heyes (GH), Diarmid Campbell (DC), Carol Dealey (CDe), Helen Nixon (HN), Antony Spencer (AS), Issy Bartram (IB), Martin Graham (MG), Stella Jennings (SJ), Libby Hubbard (EH), Becky Pearson (BP), Dave Atkins (DA), Vinod Diwakar (VD), Janet Ryland (JR), Vinod Bhatia (VB), James Reed (JRd), Kenneth Reid (KR), Sue Clegg (SCl), Alison Earey (AE), Brennan Horne (BH) Patty McCulloch (PM), Debby Bridge (DB), David Harvey (DH),

1. Welcome and Prayers

1.1. Antony led time of communion.

2. Apologies and Attendance

2.1. Lesley Osborn, Raymond Buick,
2.2. Howard Brydon running late arrived in meeting later.

3. Declarations of Interest

3.1. No declarations of interest.

4. Minutes of the Previous Meeting

4.1. GH chaired remainder of meeting and gave overview of what is expected of the PCC and its importance as the Church moves forward and prepares to appoint a new vicar. He noted that the PCC should be a business minded body ready to listen to the varied opinions of others and take strength from its differences and discussions. Members should come to the meeting having been provided with the necessary papers and ready to address the issues in the agenda. GH also noted the importance of encouraging the congregation to engage with PCC and to stand for vacancies which arise at the next APCM.
4.2. Minutes of November meeting agreed. VD proposed, HN seconded and all in favour.

5. Matters Arising

5.1. Milford Copse
5.2. SF reported that currently under offer and expected to go through – no chain, large cash deposit and prospective buyer been in several times already. Price is £350k conditional on swift exchange. SF confirmed that St John’s also to pay the conveyancing work for the Diocese as the Diocese holds the legal title of the property.

5.3. Growing Younger
GH expressed thanks to CDe and her committee for putting the report together which was sent to the Diocese before Christmas. Agreed that the response would go in the weekly round up. AS added further detail noting that part of the growing younger initiative is to have a resource church to be headed up by Tim Hughes. St Luke’s in Lee Bank Edgbaston to be the base in addition to a building which the Diocese had bought in Gas Street. AS reported that no further details as to how this resource church was to resource the Diocese or how it was going to work as an ‘in, out’ church as originally outlined or whether there would be a worship central school. SJ asked whether any plans to tell the congregation about this. No agreement for formal announcement as such but AS noted that no reason the congregation should not be aware of the church plant.

5.4. Governance Report
The report has been received by BH, DB and AS and they are to meet with Andrew Halstead (AH) on 3rd February and AH requested that report not be circulated until that meeting has taken place. Will be picked up in the March meeting. HN and BP asked whether AH could come and talk at next PCC. AS said would ask AH at 3rd Feb meeting.

5.5. Safeguarding
SC referred back to permission obtained at Nov PCC to escalate DBS and SC reported that following the escalation, within a month all the checks were returned bar one. Escalation on outstanding one has been carried out so just waiting for that one to come back. CDe asked about whether PCC needed safeguarding training. SC noted that the PCC currently do have responsibilities vis a vis safeguarding and when NdC resigns his license these responsibilities will greatly increase. SC further noted that Diocesan procedures about to change again so decided that safeguarding training for PCC be carried out after the April APCM with a newly constituted PCC

5.6. Debt Strand and leadership
No success in finding another leader for the debt strand. Volunteer crisis as demand has grown but no new volunteers coming forward. As a consequence they have closed to new referrals. Issue is sustainability of the debt strand with no new volunteers. Going to go in weekly round up in an attempt to encourage new volunteers. DH confirmed that there is no financial provision for a paid position.

6. Preparing for the Next Stage

6.1. AS and SF met with Claire Pedrick and Su Blanche the proposed facilitators for the PCC Away Day. The date will need to be moved to 14th March and not 7th February. The proposal is that the facilitators run an audit of where the church is now and then set tasks as to what is needed going forward. They will set the framework and within that setting can then arrange for the input of others beyond the PCC. IB asked whether a structural chart showing how go about the process of appointing a new vicar could be published. AS agreed that would be useful to have a paper on the process. KR suggested reading the book published by the facilitators, “How to Make Great Appointments in the Church; Calling, Competence and Chemistry”. GH to send around link to the book.

6.2. GH reported that Standing Committee (“SCmtte”) met with Bishop David in December. No firm information as yet although the Bishop assured the SCmtte that he is doing all he can to bring about a resolution of the situation. The Bishop has read AS’s report “Preparing for the Future” and he is supportive of this framework and for steps to be taken to work out the parish profile.

6.3. BP asked whether could invite AH to come and talk to PCC outlining the process of appointing a new vicar. AS reported that the whole process would be kicked off by a Section 11 meeting in which the whole procedure would be stated in detail.

6.4. Discussion on putting together the parish profile. IB asked whether worth looking at previous profile but AS commented that should start from scratch. AE raised issue of having input from Church community. AS confirmed that the facilitators of the PCC away day will set work for the congregation as a whole.

6.5. Discussion regards whether anything can be done to move the situation on with regards to NdC resigning his licence and the appointment of a new vicar. Concerns raised as to whether enough was being done by the Bishop. EH noted that should acknowledge that the Bishop is doing what he can and not helpful to have any antagonism towards the Diocese or the Bishop. HN noted that the waiting was a good opportunity for prayer as directed by the Bishop. BP called for humility and acknowledgement of the church’s mistakes in the past years that have made it more difficult for Nigel di Castiglione to get a job and PM agreed and noted that PCC and church should have a right regard and respect for Bishop and for NdC with the right tone of voice and with that spirit. Further discussion on the removal of sermons from the website – VB noted that all NdC’s sermons had been removed. SF explained that was a server issue and all downloads from beyond a certain date were not listed on the website. Agreement that a note should be put on the website explaining that talks not visible due to server issues but could be provided on demand.


7.1. SF introduced his paper. He explained that the APCM report this year was not all going to be in paper form. The plan was to make a short film of all that goes on in the life of St John’s rather than have the individual groups writing a report.
7.2. General agreement that need to freshen the format but still keep the list of what is going on along with the statutory formalised part of the report.

8. Standing Committee Report

8.1. Finance Update
8.2. DH reported that a full set of accounts would be presented at next meeting. Encouragement of another one off gift of £20k so numbers healthier. Pension auto enrolment just over 12 months away and working through the timetable and going out and looking at different providers ready for Feb 2016. Marjorie Featherstone has decided that cannot continue as church accountant. She will do the year end accounts and accounts until end of April. DH expressed thanks and gratitude for her work and commitment and confirmed that she will be hugely missed. DH to manage going forward. GH confirmed that a gift of M and S vouchers to be given to Marjorie. BP asked whether formal thanks from church appropriate. DH said probably not yet but would find appropriate time most likely at the APCM.
8.3. Legacy of £1,000 to be spent on piano – plan to buy Bibles not possible as cannot get ones to match.
8.4. Student Ministry
8.5. Expressed thanks to VB and Angie Bhatia for student work and to MG and Gina Graham for taking it over.
8.6. Card to Ray and Jenny Buick
8.7. SCmttee sent a card to Buicks to thank them for all the work that they have done.

9. Deanery and Diocesan Report

9.1. Nothing to report, Feb 3rd is next Diocesan meeting. Trienium comes to an end at APCM so after that only people on Deanery have the right to vote for new members of Diocesan Synod.

10. AOB

10.1. AE – consider in future having a member of staff come to talk to the PCC about their ministry. Agreement that good idea but at specific time and targeted.
10.2. VB – asks about rebranding of small groups. Suggestion to invite RH to come to PCC and talk to.
10.3. Date of next meeting 16th March.
10.4. BH closed in prayer.

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