Prayer for church members (16th April 2015)

If you would like your prayer request to be included in this list please email Fran or phone The Church Office on 0121 427 4601


Mac Rowse
Mac has sent us this request: “I am due to have a knee replacement on 27th April. Always reassuring to have a loving church praying for one’s healing.”

Des Cole

We have received this update -“Des has been diagnosed with both prostate and colon cancer. He will have an operation for the colon cancer at the QE on Wednesday 22nd April. We’d appreciate a good outcome and clear diagnosis so we have the best treatment plan going forward. And we really hope the cancer is localised and therefore curable.”

Peggy Williams
Pray for Peggy as she moves to an Abbeyfield Home in Buckinghamshire for a 4 week trial period this Friday (17th) April.

Joan Benham
Pray for Joan who is seriously ill in hospital.

Ann Parker (sister of June Fluck)
Pray for Ann following her recent readmission to hospital. Pray also for safe travel for June as she travels to visit her in Cheltenham.

Caroline Gilmore-White
Following her recent diagnosis with Motor Neurone Disease Caroline writes “Dear church family, thank you so much for your prayers and support. My house will go on the market in mid April, and is looking good thanks to all the stupendous decorating help I’ve had from you all. I’ve found a green and leafy place in Bournville I’d like to move into when a flat becomes available. Please could you pray that this would be sooner rather than later.”


Delphine Nurse
Delphine has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is to have a lumpectomy on 23rd April.  She expects to be in hospital overnight. She asks us to pray about the emotional and practical as well as the physical aspects of the situation for herself and also for her house-mate Jackie.

Delphine asks that she “might sense the presence of Jesus during the operation” and  “to behave towards the staff in a Christlike way, that she might show them the love of Jesus and they might see Jesus in her”.  Pray for Delphine to stay free of colds etc in order that the operation can go ahead

Lesley Osborn
Update – After three months in QEHB, Lesley is now in Moseley Hall Hospital rehab unit.  Pray for her continued recovery.

Hazel Thomas
Pray for Hazel Thomas in hospital with a broken arm and a broken leg following a succession of falls.

Gertie Hughes
Pray for Gertie in hospital following a fall.

Rachel (daughter of Rosemary Kennedy)
Pray for Rachel following replacement hip surgery..

Mark Earey
Mark has had a severe case of sciatica but it now appears that the cause is something as yet unidentified in his hip. Please pray for a quick referral to establish the root cause and appropriate treatment.


Bob and Pam Kimmins
Pray for Bob and Pam who are both struggling with painful mobility problems.

Doreen Goff
Pray for Doreen following an operation

Laurie Deimel

Bernie Barber (sister-in-law of Ginny Cornish)
Pray for Bernie following a diagnosis with bilateral ovarian cancer. At present it is thought that these are new primary cancers and not spread from her knee sarcoma which she had removed just six months ago.

Richard Kent

Audrey Grey (sister of Irene Elias)
Pray for Audrey who is seriously ill. She was recently widowed and now has an advanced cancer.

Carers Pray for those in our church family who take care of others.

Housebound members of our our fellowship, and those in Nursing Homes.

Pray for Church members no longer able to attend.




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