Draft Minutes of 2014 APCM

Approval of the draft minutes of the 2014 APCM will be proposed at the 2015 APCM.
To familiarise yourself with what happened at the meeting last year please read the minutes below or download them as a pdf

If you have any queries please raise these beforehand with Elizabeth Hubbard, PCC Secretary or raise them at the meeting.


Safeguarding Policy front cover imageAPCM Draft Minutes

St John’s Church Harborne

Date of Meeting: 30 April 2014;  Time: 7.30 pm;  Venue: St John’s Church


Bishop Andrew requested approval that he act as Chair for the APCM.  Debby Bridge proposed and welcomed Bishop Andrew, Brennan Horne seconded the proposal.  Unanimous support to the proposal.

Opening prayer and worship

Marcus Pagnam led worship following by prayers led by Debby Bridge and Brennan Horne.


Issy Bartram, Peter Hubbard, Alan and Elizabeth Richards, Patti Dixie, Julia and Michael Waters, Di and Ron Copplestone, Keith and Valerie Nield, Lorna Uden, Rob Cleveland, Lesley Osborn, Phil Varley, Mark and Jo Roper, Carolyn and Bob Billingham, Sylvia Pemberton, Alastair Vale

 Approval of Minutes from 2013

The Bishop confirmed that the draft APCM minutes of 2013 had been displayed on the Church board and was checked by first meeting of PCC following the 2013 APCM.

Proposal to accept the minutes:  Bob Kimmins, seconded: Steve Foster

Matters Arising

Nothing arising that would not be covered later in meeting.

Chair’s Address

Address moved to after election process.

Download the Chairman’s Address or listen to Bishop Andrew’s podcast

Bishop Andrew asked the meeting whether there were any questions.  Kathy Lee Cole thanked the Bishop for his support but no other questions.

Election of Church Wardens

Debby Bridge and Brennan Horne had been proposed and seconded and had confirmed that they were happy to stand.  Brennan Horne had been proposed by Moira Bedworth, seconded by Geoff Heyes.   Debby Bridge had been proposed by Elizabeth Richards, seconded by John Cheatle.

Unanimous support for both appointments.

Election of Deanery Synod and PCC Members

Each candidate offered the opportunity to explain who they are and why they want to stand on PCC.

Fiona Collins queried why Geoff Heyes standing given he was already on the PCC.  Steve Foster explained that his term on PCC had expired in accordance with the transition arrangements with the move to all PCC members serving a three year term.

Steve Foster further explained that if Stella Jennings were voted onto Deanery Synod she would become an ex officio member of the PCC and hence her place on PCC for two years would become vacant.  Steve Foster explained that if this was the case then the candidate with the ninth most number of votes would assume her place on the PCC for the remainder two years.

Helen Nixon queried whether any individuals currently standing for the vacancies on the Deanery Synod should be given the opportunity to stand for PCC given that one of the candidates for Deanery Synod would not be voted on in view of number of candidates and number of vacancies.

Bishop Andrew was reluctant to change the process at this stage and suggested that the most pragmatic way forward was continue to vote for PCC with the candidates as currently standing.

 Electoral Roll Report

Steve Foster confirmed the following from the Electoral Roll:

399 in 2013, 17 people added and 12 removed during 2014.  Final figure in 2014 is 404 so showing a slight increase.

 Receive Reports and Accounts

 Bishop Andrew invited questions on the reports and encouraged all to read it.  No questions arising from the report.

 Appointment of Auditors

 David Harvey, treasurer, gave his financial report.  A copy of which is attached.

David Harvey expressed his thanks to all the finance team who had helped him during 2014.


Vinod Bhatia asked whether any money in the £40,000 is owed to small businesses.  David Harvey replied that all bills are paid monthly but that some of that amount was tied in restricted gifts.

Vinod Diwakar asked how the Church would reinvest money from the sale of Milford Copse.

David Harvey responded that no decision had been made as yet other than it will not go into a long term investment but would most likely be a starter fund for the whatever is decided about the Church building.

Appointment of auditors

 David Harvey proposed Bloomer Heaven, Birmingham to replace Clement Keys on account of their expertise and £600 cheaper than Clement Keys.  Proposal seconded by John Bridge.  Unanimous support.

Anthony Collins stood to express thanks to all staff team, PCC, the Bishops and the Diocese who have supported the Church during the preceding year.

 Election results

 PCC members

Elected for three years:

Sue Clegg

Vinod Diwaker

Alison Earey

Geoff Heyes

Patty McCulloch

Elected for two years: (one taking Stella Jennings’ place and two taking places not taken in 2013)

James Reed

Kenneth Reid

Janet Ryland

Dave Atkins

Deanery Synod

 Stella Jennings

Vinod Bhatia

Issy Bartram

Helen Nixon

Carol Dealey

 Meeting Ended in Prayer

 A meeting of the newly formed PCC followed the APCM

Chair: Antony Spencer

The following positions were voted in:

Vice Chair : Geoff Heyes

Treasurer : David Harvey

Secretary : Libby Hubbard


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