“Not a chore – actually fun”

Sue CleggSue Clegg reports on the recent safeguarding sessions:

The last of the recent series of three safeguarding sessions has been completed.  These sessions aim to create awareness of the need to keep our ministries safe for children and those more vulnerable adults amongst us;  and indeed everyone whom we welcome to come and join us.

Though a requirement for those volunteering in some ministries, it does not mean that safeguarding is a chore, as the title comment illustrates. This was made by a participant following the final session.

Safeguarding is a serious issue though, and the sessions help to alert us to things we do, or behaviour exhibited, that may be perceived very differently by others.  During the sessions, groups looked at several different scenarios that were drawn from actual church situations that have arisen.  Participants realized that things are not always clear cut, and showed a variety of possible answers and challenges that hopefully didn’t cause too many arguments!

Often people say that safeguarding is a matter of common sense.  That is true to some extent, but often we do not realize how others may see a situation, or how a number of jig-saw pieces begin to reveal a picture.  Safeguarding is about protecting and responding to children and vulnerable adults, as well as making sure our volunteers and the church activities are not open to accusations.

The training aim is always to inform, and send people away alert and wanting to be better at safeguarding.

Have a good day, and keep safe out there!

If any of you have questions or concerns please do contact Sue Clegg   She can help you with your concern, but if Sue does not know the answer to your question, she has several people within the Diocese who can be contacted.

If you missed these sessions, and need to update your training, there is opportunity to sign up and attend a Diocesan training event (SC1), cost £5, via the The Church of England – Birmingham website.  Training undertaken due to your employment is not accepted by the Diocese because of the nature of volunteering within a church setting.





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