PCC Away Day

PCC Away Day groupMembers of our PCC (Parochial Church Council) had an Away Day on Saturday 14th March.
The day was held in the lovely surroundings of The Blue Coat School.

ClaireSuClaire Pedrick (L) and Su Blanch from 3D Coaching Ltd  came along as facilitators to our discussion.

This is what Claire wrote to PCC members beforehand:

We are really looking forward to working with you on 14th March.  A bit of background – between us, Su and I have

  • Supported thousands of clergy moving to new roles
  • Written How to Make Great Appointments in the Church to help parishes make discerned decisions
  • Supported our own parishes in writing their profiles and appointing new vicars
  • Worked with teams and groups going through change

The purpose of this day will be for you to begin to explore the question Who are we, now? Only then will you be ready to explore the Who do we need? question.

Some of the work we will do in small groups and some together, and there will be plenty to take away for you to work on over the next few months.


With this in mind Claire and Su gave us three questions to consider prior to the day.

So this is the beginning of the next phase in your journey.  We have some ideas as to what we will do, and that will develop or change as we work together.

Before you come, it would be helpful for each of you to think about three questions:

  • What brought you to St John’s?
  • What connects you here?
  • What keeps you here?

We shared our answers during the group discussion times as well as exploring other questions raised during the day.  There will be a full report of the day at the APCM but some members have sent in their brief thoughts on the day:

Photo of Alison Earey“The PCC Away Day was a day where it seemed to me that more than anything else we were able to develop our love and trust for one another.
“My prayer is that this will continue not only in the PCC but also in the congregation of St John’s.”
Alison Earey


Helen Nixon photo“I felt that the PCC Away Day was positive and valuable, and that we were open to the Lord’s presence and blessing.
“We did not get as far as perceiving where we are and our direction of travel in detail.”

Following the day the comments I would probably like to make on the Away Day are:  Listening to each other is really worth while (not just a good idea/what Christians ought to do)
The importance of realising that good intentions may not always lead to a good or acceptable impact, and that this is not necessarily the fault of those who have acted with the good intentions
We do not need to wait to intervene or contribute because we do not know what to do next – it is important to name our concern and then for all to share responsibility for discovering what we need to do.
Between winter and spring things fluctuate and are not always predictable – but spring is still coming
The wider congregations needs the opportunity to reflect on and to contribute to the signs of hope and the vision of what “a new heaven in Harborne” might look like
Helen Nixon

“Well that was really good. I am not sure yet what we achieved corporately but I feel I have been through a really healing day for myself.

I am glad we are back together on Monday evening (PCC Meeting 16th March)so it may show how much we have changed. I am quite excited about the future really and I haven’t felt that for ages.”
Issy Bartram


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