Passover meal 446689536_2ad6d8a388_oPlease do not just turn up!  You will be disappointed….

The St John’s Staff Team invite you to a Passover Meal on Maundy Thursday 2nd April at 6.00pm’

…with Lamb Hotpot

Passover invitation




For a taster of the Passover Meal Sue Clegg has explained what will be happening:

In the Jewish tradition the Passover Meal is celebrated during an 8-day festival.

The first day of the feast is the Passover meal, which is a fun family affair.  We will be celebrating the Jewish feast of Passover in our Christian context on Maundy Thursday.

The Passover meal is very symbolic and we can understand those symbols in both a Jewish and Christian context.  During the meal all these symbols will be explained and celebrated.

You can read about the Passover in the Torah (Genesis – Leviticus in the Old Testament) and specifically in Exodus 12.

We will be eating Lamb Hotpot at the Passover meal to represent the lamb which was sacrificed.  The Lamb of course represents Jesus to the Christian.”

For the Passover meal at St John’s we will be seated at tables and each will have sedar symbols and a haggadah which is the order of service we will be following.

The occasion will be interactive throughout and children are especially welcome.  

There are parts of the ‘haggadah’ where the youngest in the family has a special part to play as well as the ’Mother’ and the ‘Father’.    So in order to celebrate this correctly we need all ages from our church family to come along and be a part of a ‘family group’.







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