‘Not a caretaker situation’ – update from Antony

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Antony reports back from the First New Monthly Prayer Meeting on Tuesday 17th February


“130 gathered together to pray.  Bob Dunnett started by sharing a prayer picture.


‘I saw what seemed to be a growing ball held by clasps,  but the clasps – the restraints – were suddenly removed. 

‘The message for the church was one of growth.  We are growing now and we are to continue to grow.

‘What we have to do is to jettison any mind set that sees us as just treading water. We have to push out of our minds that as a church we are in a caretaker situation.

‘Ecclesiastically we are in an interim period but in the Spirit we don’t need to be. God is still here. God is at work. God hasn’t parked it for the time being. God will move as long as we move and I think that is really the sum of it.’

“Bob prayed that together that we might shrug off the difficulties and the negatives, and the idea that we just have to wait around until something happens. We have to shrug this off in the name of Jesus. We prayed that the Lord would just come on us and give us a new heart, a new mind set, a new sense of  momentum.

Prayer and vision together achieve an outcome. Acts 1:8  “You’ll receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you and you’ll be my witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth.” 

Bob concluded by saying: ‘Strategic Vision is one of growth … growth in the Spirit and growth in witness to Jesus’.”

Antony continued: “All the pastoral staff team endorsed this strategic vision prior to Bob speaking about it  at the prayer meeting,  and we want to apply it and test all that we do against it.

“We have put what Bob said on our website as a podcast so we do encourage you to listen to it if you weren’t there, and to refresh your memory if you were!

“This first new monthly prayer time was an excellent start … the next one is on Tuesday 17th March from, 7.30pm  to 8.30pm.  We look forward to seeing you there.

“Meanwhile may we know the power of God at work among us as we witness to all that Jesus has done.”

This update can also be viewed as a vlog: ‘Not a caretaker situation’   This is the second vlog from Antony about the new monthly prayer meetings. You can view Antony’s previous vlog about the New Monthly Prayer Meeting here:  ‘Not looking back but looking forward’ 


Bob DunnettBob’s full talk can be listened to as a podcast.


You might be interested in reading more about Bob Dunnett on his website Understanding the Times




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