A Year in the Life of St John’s – new style APCM report 2014/2015

Steve Foster writes:

After the January meeting of the PCC it was decided to trial a new kind of APCM report this year.

APCM reportsIt has become apparent over the last 3 years that the demand and interest in the APCM report in its traditional format has declined substantially. In 2006 we produced 500 APCM reports (all in paper) and in April 2014 we produced a total of 60 (paper and CD format) and less than 50 were distributed. Additionally it was available to view online. The post was clicked 110 times – this does not mean there were 110 unique visitors. Experience shows that this is more like to be around 40 unique visitors visiting the post several times. So, all in all, less than 100 people looked at the report.

In no way does this engage the majority, probably not even 20% of the congregation. Therefore we are proposing a mixed format going forward.

There are several of the reports which will need to remain in a written format and distributed similarly as in previous years. For the other reports we are looking for a visual format this will either be some video footage or photos with extended captions that show and promote your ministry/activity.

The plan is to produce a DVD to be shown at the APCM and then to be available afterwards. We may use individual footage or photographs to promote different areas on the website or in services.

I will be contacting you in your capacity as leader/s of one of the many groups/ministries within St John’s Church, over the next week to request a written report or either a few photos of your group’s/ministries activities or arrange to take some video footage for the Annual Report new format to be entitled: ‘A Year in the Life of St John’s

Ideally the photos should be representative of the activities of your group and have an extended caption describing the photo in a relevant way. Perhaps the leaders/members of each group/ministry could discuss together what photos/captions to include and take photos or use ones that have been taken during the last year.

For more information email Steve Foster stevefosterthumb2







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  1. Patrick Rush says:

    Hi Steve

    First, in the past I have used the APCM report content for information and/or intercession.

    Second, I think that a digital report makes more sense for most people.

    So If at all possible I would like a downloadable digital pdf and\or word format version of the APCM report that can be accessed using a proof of membership e.g. an email request etc and/or a personal password enabling a digital download of the report and related information etc..

    I hope that this option is part of the cost effective media mix that you are planning to use.

    Keep up the good work!

    Every Blessing in Christ


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