Sometimes we wonder: ‘Who am I?’

Christmas Card front cover

Churches Together Christmas Card

Have you volunteered to deliver Christmas Cards in Harborne?
Churches Together in Harborne have designed a card to be delivered to every household.  This has been going on for many years.

There are still a few roads left to receive their cards this year.  Pick up a bundle at church on Sunday or contact Helen Nixon

On this year’s card the Christmas Message has been written by the Revd Graeme Richardson, the new vicar of St Peter’s, Harborne.  

Sometimes we wonder: ‘Who am I?’

Of course, we all have a sense of ourselves, our name, our appearance, our character. But over time we change.
Who’s the real you?

Today, we hear different answers to that question.

Are we just consumers, with a never-ending need for stuff? If that’s who we really are, why are the richest societies in the world so full of depression and unhappiness?

Or are we just individuals who can do what we please – as long as we don’t hurt anyone else? If that’s true, how do we solve problems like climate change or terrorism, that require us to make sacrifices for the common good?

The message of Christmas is that human beings are special and precious. We know that because the God who made everything from nothing became human just like us.

We don’t need all the stuff adverts tell us we should crave. We aren’t just consumers. We are rich only because God loves us; and shows us in Jesus how to love other people.

And we aren’t just individuals; we are here to give and receive this love, in friendships, in families, in communities.
If you love like this – well, that’s the real you.

The card includes details of some of the Christmas services at all the Harborne churches; and an invitation to join them this Christmas to celebrate God’s love.

Join in with Carols in Harborne with all the churches (outside Boots) Saturday 20th December at 11.00am. 





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