The Light Stick – “that is how your Christian life should be”

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At a recent session of the Freedom course the talk was illustrated by a children’s plaything – something which we have seen many times at Christmas, for example at the Christingle service – a light stick.

It’s one of those things that looks like a simple plastic tube of liquid, until you bend it and give it a shake; then it begins to glow with a mysterious light.

As I looked at the glowing stick I thought of how it worked – with one chemical in the outer plastic tube and another, hardly visible, in a thin glass phial inside so that when the tube is bent, the inner glass phial is broken and the two chemicals mix.

The reaction between the two chemicals produces the light and the whole thing becomes something far more than it was before, a thing of wonder and delight.

Glowstick in the darkAt this, I believe the Lord spoke to me and said “That is how your Christian life should be”.

Inside of me, there is a container which holds, through my understanding of the Bible, the gospel, the promises of God, my calling from God to serve Him in various ways as he enables me and my hope for the future.

Yet it feels as if my Christian life is stale and dry, lacking joy and the excitement of living with Christ as my constant companion.  The inner container is full of good stuff which I am glad to have and yet I want more and, when I became a Christian, God gave, or promised me more.

Like the light stick, there is something inside of me that needs to be broken so that all that good stuff can combine with the Holy Spirit and allow the fullness of change that God has planned for each of us to take place. “Being broken” is a concept that Christians are familiar with and always talking about.

As yet, I can’t say how it will come about in my case but I really want it to happen because, with Paul, I want to know Christ and the power of His resurrectionand enjoy the light of His presence**

* Philippians 3 verse 11  (GNT)                     ** Exodus 16 verse 7  (GNT)



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  1. Angela Parker says:

    Karl, you’re amazing….thankyou for sharing this 🙂


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