Financial Appeal and Gift Day October 2014

David HarveyFinance Review October 2014

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Click to see the power point presentation given by David Harvey, our Honorary Treasurer on Sunday 12th October

Church Financial Review and Gift Day 2014

David has written a letter to the congregation which accompanies the power point presentation.

Read the letter in full below or you can  download the pdf

 2014 Giving packs are available in Church

If you are already giving to St John’s please collect your named pack from the back of church on Sunday.

If you are not already a regular giver but would like to start then please pick up a pack entitled Giving Pack 2014

Letter from David Harvey dated October 2014

Dear Member of St John’s

Church Financial Review and Gift Day 2014

Firstly I want to thank everyone who has made a financial contribution to St John’s over the past 18 months. With your support we have been able to continue our ministry both in the parish and through Living Stones to the wider Church.

The purpose of this letter is to ask you to prayerfully review your giving to St John’s.

As you may be aware the PCC decided earlier in the year to defer the annual gift day from January and instead to hold our gift day in October allowing us to complete the budget setting process for 2015 in November.

Accordingly I am giving a presentation of the financial position in all services on the 12th October. Following my setting out the position, each person is encouraged to review their giving before the Lord and to return their giving pledge for 2015 on 26th October. This will allow us to make our expenditure plans and formulate a budget on the most up to date information.

Results to date 2014 – In my presentation to the APCM in April as well as reviewing the results for 2013, I gave a broad outline of our view of 2014 and that position has not materially changed.

After 8 months of the financial year I am pleased to report that we are currently breaking even with income and costs matching at £550k. (£k = thousands of pounds). However, that is only due to having received one off gifts/legacies totalling £67k. Without these we would have had a £67k deficit.

Looking ahead to the year end we are expecting a full year deficit in 2014 of approximately £50k.  We are able to cover this deficit in the short term but obviously this cannot continue indefinitely.

Why has this position arisen? – The following table gives a view of the regular giving from Church members over the last few years. (The figures are in £k and include the tax refund from the government but exclude one off gifts/legacies and other income).

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Actual Actual Actual Actual Forecast
777 765 743 723 643

You will notice that there has been reduction in regular giving over the years but a significant reduction in 2014.

View of 2015 –

Income – The income for 2015 on current pledges is forecast to be £606k (Inc Tax) which is £117k less than 2013.

Expenditure – We are expecting some cost reductions in 2015 which will reduce expenditure to around the 2013 level of £783k.  However, the expenditure figure will be further scrutinised during the budget setting process as we look for other areas of potential saving.

In summary we are currently looking at a potential deficit of around £100K for 2015


 Without an increase in income we will have to curtail our ministry and reduce the costs. The PCC will be approving the 2015 expenditure budget in November based on the revised income forecast resulting from gift day pledges

 We ask everyone in the Church family to take time to:

  •  Pray for the finances of the Church.
  • Review your financial giving and conclude before the Lord how much you should be contributing financially to the life of the Church. We recognise everyone is in a different position and whatever you pledge remains entirely confidential within the finance team.
  • Complete the enclosed pledge form and bring it to Church on the 26th October or to any subsequent Sunday service and place in the collection basket.
  • If you are making a gift through the open plate which is eligible for gift aid please use a yellow “Gift Aid” envelope which can be found at the back of the Church.

How to Give – There are 3 options:

  1. Standing Order – A regular amount directly from your bank account – please complete the enclosed form or set up via internet or telephone banking.
  2. One Off Bank Transfer – For any one off gifts.
  3. Open plate giving – A collection plate is passed around at each of our Sunday services to provide an opportunity to give, for those who find this method fits their circumstances.

Gift Aid – If you are a taxpayer please tick the appropriate box on your pledge form as we are able to recover the tax you have paid on any gifts you make to St John’s. Bill Smith will then send you a Gift Aid declaration to sign, If you wish to discuss this in more detail please talk to Bill  ( or 0121 745 8047).

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me:

Telephone: 0121 458 1959.

Best Wishes, David Harvey, Hon Treasurer

(Note with regard to the Giving Packs at Church: If you are giving on a regular basis and there is no acknowledgement of your giving enclosed  in your Giving Pack at church please let Bill Smith know ( or 0121 745 8047). It may be something has gone wrong with your Banker’s Order.)






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