Prayer for Church Members (2nd October 2014)

If you would like your prayer request to be included in this list please email Fran or phone The Church Office on 0121 427 4601


Frances James
Pray for Frances who is in hospital with a diagnosis of osteomyelitis.  Pray that she would respond well to the course of intravenous antibiotics that she is now receiving.

Freda Davies
Pray for Freda who is in West Heath Hospital following a fall five weeks ago. Pray for good healing of broken bones.

Richard Kent

Beryl Eales


Karl McIllwaine
Pray for Karl awaiting a heart operation on Monday 13th October.

Margaret Silverthorne
Pray for the family and friends of Margaret who passed away on Saturday 20th September. Her funeral will be at St John’s Church on Friday 3rd October at 11.45am and will be taken by Revd Anthony Rose. All are welcome to attend.

Steve Foster
Pray for Steve following a knee replacement operation. Pray for a quick recovery and good healing.

Freda Carey
Freda has written to ask us to pray for more teachers for Murree Christian School in Pakistan. Please go to this link for details.

Ron McCulloch
Ron is retiring soon as Birmingham Centre Team Leader for Friends International. He asks us to pray for a replacement. Please go to this link for details.

Tom and Molly Walker
Molly was been taken into hospital on 13th August having suffered a stroke. Please pray for Tom and Molly at this difficult time.  Tom updated us this week to tell us that Molly is still in hospital and is very drowsy.  Pray that the antibiotics that she has been prescribed would take effect quickly.


Iris Andrews
Pray for Iris for her recovery of mobility following a fall.

Jon and Jennie Tattersall and family
Please pray for Jon, Jennie and the family at this time of change and opportunity.

New Youth Pastor for St John’s
Give thanks for a successful interview process.
Pray for Mark Watson as he prepares to take up this role on 5th January 2015.

Ralph Thompson (Father of Jeremy Thompson)
Jeremy’s father sadly passed away on Tuesday 2nd September.  Please pray for Jeremy’s brother, Jonny, his mother, Hazel and for Jeremy and Jo, Isabelle and Samuel. Samuel (6yrs) comment was “It’s good and bad. Good because Granddad has no more pain but bad because we won’t see him again”. To which Isabelle’s (8yrs) response was “‘But we will see him again in heaven”.

Lesley Osborn
Lesley has had more setbacks with her health. Please pray for Lesley and for wise decisions for her medical team at this time; and also for Oz as he supports her.

Gwen Trow
Pray for Gwen who is in West Heath Hospital following her hip operation and is hoping to be discharged home soon. Pray especially for her mobility to improve, the pain to lessen, and for Caroline who is looking after her.

Peggy Williams
Pray for Peggy following the unexpected death of her son Alan. The funeral service is tomorrow (26th September).


Reay Mackay (brother of Judith Mackay)
Reay was diagnosed with bowel cancer last year. All appeared to be well, he had a reversal of his stoma and was not due for another check up until December. However, a routine scan recently revealed he has cancer in his liver and lungs. This is a shock as it was unexpected. He will start a course of chemotherapy shortly. Judith says: “I’d be grateful if people could pray that he does not have too many side effects; and for wisdom in the decisions he has to make about his treatment.”

Jacke Eldred
Pray for a good recovery from a chest infection. Thelma Jones would like to thank everyone for their prayers and kindness while she was ill recently. She is now recovered.

Audrey Grey (sister of Irene Elias)
Pray for Audrey who is seriously ill. She was widowed last December and now finds that she has an advanced cancer.

Carers Pray for those in our church family who take care of others.

Housebound members of our our fellowship, and those in Nursing Homes eg Ruth Spalton and Joan Benham.

Pray for Church members no longer able to attend.


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  1. Timothy James says:

    Frances is now at home (since Saturday 4/10), but still very restricted in her ability to move around, and requiring lots of pain control. She will be on antibiotics for several weeks. Please pray for pain and infection control, and that she will be able to return to school soon.

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