What can I do to help at our local Food Bank?

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St John’s is transferring our food bank giving to Quinton and Oldbury Food Bank 

We are looking for volunteer drivers to deliver from St John’s to the two food banks.

Wednesdays from  11am to  1pm to deliver to St Boniface in Quinton; and  Fridays from 10am to 1 pm to deliver to Paul and Barney’s in Oldbury.

If you feel that this is something that you could commit to regularly please get in touch with Fran Varley


Carol DealeyCarol Dealey volunteers with the Quinton and Oldbury Food Bank – she has given us this information

Question: Who runs it?
Answer: The food bank is run by a collaboration between Christ Church, Quinton, St Boniface Church and the Trussell Trust

Q: So where is it?
A: It is held on Wednesday mornings at St Boniface Church and Friday mornings at Paul and Barney’s Place in Oldbury.

Q: What exactly does a food bank do?
A: It provides food for three days for people in emergency situations. For example, when people’s benefits are changed there can be several weeks between one being stopped and the new one starting and during this time they receive no money.

Another example might be someone just managing on their income but they get a large bill and have to choose between either paying the bill or buying food. It is also quite common for those on zero hours contracts to get into problems if they go a few weeks with no or only a few hours work.

Those involved in welcoming clients to the food bank seek to ensure that they are signposted to seek further help such as debt or benefit advice. They also offer clients the opportunity to have a drink or soup. The food bank only provides food for an individual/family on three occasions it does not provide ongoing food for people.

Q: Who uses it?
A: People of all ages, some on their own and some with families.

Q: Do people just turn up to get food?
A: No, they have to have a voucher which they can get from their GP, social worker, debt advisor or similar agencies. Clients then present their voucher to the food bank.

Q: What can I do to help?
A: There are several areas where help is required:-

• Donations – tinned or packaged food, toiletries, loo rolls, nappies even small packets of sweets. Unfortunately there are no facilities for accepting fresh food of any type.

• Help with delivering food collected at St John’s to the food bank. We are hoping to have a small rota of people to deliver to the collection point in Brandhall (contact Fran or Steve for details).

• Help at the food bank itself. This would mean a commitment of helping once every 4-6 weeks 11-1pm on a Wednesday morning at St Boniface Church. There is a small team of 4 people each week who either welcome clients or pack the food into bags. Full training is given and there is always someone around to advise you.

Further information from Carol Dealey, who is one of the helpers or Barbara Burke who is the food bank co-ordinator. Barbara’s email address is: fay291@hotmail.co.uk

Useful websites: www.quintonoldbury.foodbank.org.uk


Foods required by the Quinton and Oldbury Food bank

UHT & Powdered Milk
UHT Fruit Juices
Tinned and Packet Soups
Pasta Sauces
Sponge Puddings – tinned
Rice Pudding – tinned
Instant Coffee
Instant Mashed Potato
Tinned meat and fish
Tinned vegetables
Tinned fruit
Jam and Spreads
Biscuits and cereal bars


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  1. Doris Macdonald says:

    Thanks for this Carol. I have said to I can help with taking the food to the food bank. She tells me that you will be preparing a rota for the volunteers so I will wait till I hear from you. Thanks for organising it.

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