God is Good!

God is good!
Sharon Bryant writing on behalf of the Alpha team at St John’s church following the 24 hour prayer event on 5th / 6th September.

Upper Room for 24hr prayerFirstly I want to say a massive thank you to all who were praying during the 24 hours, at church, at home, at work or on holiday!

We had a fantastic 24 hours of prayer and have already seen answers to some of our prayers, including the provision of a much needed worship leader for the course!

photo 2An interactive, meditative prayer room was set up at church to help people focus their prayers and to provide a space to hear God. Intermittently during the 24 hours various people joined us to lead worship and praise, allowing also for a time for corporate prayer.

The atmosphere was tranquil, beautiful and inspiring. There was a tangible sense of God’s presence with us and many of those that came commented on how they didn’t want to leave. As a team we feel hugely encouraged and have an increased sense of expectancy for this term’s Alpha course.



Below are some comments from people who attended the prayer room during the event.

Praise Collage“Many thanks to the Alpha team for arranging an inspiring event with so many varied ways of encouraging prayer. I found it a blessing to be able to support Alpha in this way, and it was also challenging to realise just how many different aspects of ministry are involved to provide the best possible opportunities for guests to encounter the love and reality of God. I was glad that during the session when I was present there was a time of gently led worship and praise, and I also welcomed the space for individuals to focus on various aspects of Alpha, and the specific people who were involved”


Prayer List“It was really special to take time to commit the upcoming course and the guests to God. I found the prayer room really helped me to focus as I prayed, and it’s given me a greater confidence and expectation about all that will happen in the lives of those that are part of Alpha this term”



Three  Palm Crosses“I felt on Friday morning the weight of time ahead with heaviness but as the 24 hours unfolded the weight not only lifted but lightness and a deeper sense of God’s gracious love replaced it. I felt God valued our being still to release a greater sense of knowing Him and releasing joy that would percolate through to the community. Brilliant to have members of the worship group among us during the time; amazing touches of heaven. It felt a privilege to be there”



Prayer station“Alpha 24 hour prayer was really good, it was a lovely space to pray and listen to God. I could have stayed longer, it was a shame I had to go to work!”






Map of the parish“My experience of the 24 hour prayer event was that it gave space to listen and pray for Alpha at a crucial time in the life of the church and for individuals preparing for the course. Following the event my sense is that God is really preparing the team and those who are to come on Alpha to go deeper in knowledge and experience of him”




Flower arrangement“We enjoyed coming along on Friday night and really felt the presence of God as we joined in the sung worship – the words really came to life for me. I hear some places are called “thin” (i.e. the presence of God is very tangible) and to me the Upper Room was a “thin” place on Friday night. I hope the guests get the same sense of God’s presence when the course starts!”
“I enjoyed joining the Alpha prayer event, even though I was only on site for an hour. I appreciated the huge amount of time and effort put into the preparation, which made it “easy” to pray specifically in the named slots. I managed, almost by accident, to start in the meditative/worship area which was helpful in focussing aright on coming off the busy High Street. The Upper Room was a haven of peace!”

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