Alpha 24 hour Prayer Event

Sharon Bryant

Sharon Bryant

Currently St John’s Alpha Course is headed up by Sharon Bryant, Katie Cooper and Mark Watson.  They are taking the lead this autumn with support from Brennan and Jill Horne. Sharon writes:

” As an Alpha Team we are passionate about prayer and would like to place prayer at the heart of the next Alpha course at St John’s.

“As we look towards the start of the next course we have decided to host a 24 hour prayer event in order to place the Alpha course at St John’s before God. To praise Him, to seek His vision for this course and His heart for those He is drawing to attend.

“We would be delighted if you would be willing to stand with us in prayer both during this event and throughout the course itself.

“The 24 hour Prayer Event will be hosted at St John’s Church in the upper room where there will be room, space and various creative prayer stations in order to aid non-stop intercession and praise. The event will start at 5 pm on Friday 5th September and finish at 5 pm on Saturday 6th September.

“There will be a period of worship to close the prayer event from 4-5 pm on Saturday, which people are very welcome to attend, there will also be some worship between 7-8pm on the Friday night.

“It would be great if together we would be able to cover the whole 24 hours in prayer. In order to ensure that all 24 hours are covered it would be really helpful if you could ‘sign up’ for a particular slot, either 30 minutes, one hour or even two hours or more if you are keen! There are still plenty of spaces to fill, particularly on the Saturday during the day time!

“Please feel free to either join us at St John’s or to pray in your own home, or where-ever you may be.

“Pete Greig from Alpha International writes: ‘Behind the success of the Alpha Course is an army of prayer warriors interceding and praying for every aspect of the course. 24-7 Prayer is one of the most exciting and creative expressions of prayer in churches around the world’.

“In order to ‘sign up’ could you either

email me with the details of when you would be free and able to pray,
complete the sign up sheet at the back of church on Sunday or
place a comment in the box below.

“Don’t be shy to volunteer for the less popular times!  We would love you to join us and support us in this venture.”


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A further quote to reflect on from Bishop Sandy Millar: “The New Testament lays a greater stress on prayer than it does on the evangelisation of people. There is a deeper need to pray than there is even for people to be converted, and I don’t say that lightly, because there is a fierce need for conversion.

“But conversions won’t happen unless we are praying and the Bible says that from beginning to end”


Click on the link to find out more about the Alpha Course at St John’s this autumn.

Click on the link to find out more opportunities to pray for our Alpha Course

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  1. Becky Pearson says:

    Great to hear we have the opportunity to be involved in this 24 hr prayer for alpha. There is something really special about going out to a prayer room to cover your ‘slot’, aside from everything else you have to turn up as the other person can’t leave until you do ! The few times I have done this I have found it a really special time with God and the time has whizzed past.

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