‘Love looks like something’ … what do you think it looks like?

The Fruit of the Spirit is LOVE

At the All Age Worship service on 27th July we were asked to have a think about what love looks like.

Each of us was given a red apple or a green apple (well, a picture of an apple anyway!), and asked to write on the apple shape what we thought love looked like.

Finally we could go forward and place our apples in the harvest basket at the front of church.

Download the full version of Antony’s notes re ‘The Fruit of the Spirit is love…’ Galatians 5:22

Here is a selection from the apples in the basket:

Love is not a noun it’s a verb. You can only see it in action.

The cat rolls over when she finds you.

Love is when you are no longer lonely.

Forgiving those who hurt you the most. Caring beyond what the world does.

It’s a subtle thing that you’re not expecting … a gentle conversation with someone … a gesture of care, someone doing something extra.

Open heart … open hands … happy to forgive.. prepared to receive.

SACRIFICE … giving up those things you most desire. SERVICE …Laying your life out for those who need to know God’s love. SELFLESSNESS … not my will but yours Lord.

Love looks like unsolicited care, is constant and unchanging, generous and without end. True love can take a bashing and spring back like a plant which is given water when floppy.

Always wanting the best for others: always wanting to do good, say good and be goodness towards them.

Love is like a glue which sticks us together.

The apple looks like the shape of the heart which is where love comes from. Love is sweet like and apple.

Love is giving to somebody who isn’t particularly kind or nice to you and doing it without expecting anything back. It doesn’t have to be kissy.

Love is when you really need help with something and somebody helps you.

Tolerance and compassion – even where there is not much of it left in you to give.

Love looks like a carton of fruit juice. It’s no use unless you open it and pour it out. Words are not enough – love is seen in action, It needs to be tested.

Love is when you put someone else before you, no matter what.

A connection in your eyes. Simple acts of kindness, putting others before yourself and expecting nothing in return.

Love is caring for others. Love is sharing. Love is noticing when others are hurting and need some support. Love is caring for those who seem difficult. Love is seen when others welcome you.

A shared glance, a small hand holding on tight. A loom bracelet, something special shared. A hug …

Still holding hands after 50 years together. Meeting someone’s nee without expecting something more back.

Love looks like a balloon … it only flows when it is full. It is light hearted. It is elegant. It is beautiful and joyful.

Love is overlooking and offence when someone hurts you and treating them as though it never happened. Love is wanting the best outcome for someone even if that is at some cost to me.

Love is when you’re kissing your mummy and daddy.

I have heard the ‘when you are loved by someone your name is safe in their mouth’ before…. but it occurred to me that as much as we claim to love everyone, if we ‘bad-mouth’ them or grumble about them then their name is not safe in our mouth and as a result we are not demonstrating said love….do we really love them?

If you have got this far…. perhaps you would like to add your own ideas in the comment box below.

Download the full version of Antony’s notes re ‘The Fruit of the Spirit is love…’ Galatians 5:22

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