Bishop David reflects on ‘Ordinary Time’ – June-Sept Praying Together booklets

Bishop David“After Easter Alleluias and the wind and fire of Pentecost, returning to what the Church calls ‘Ordinary Time’ can seem to be an anti-climax.

“The fun parts of the Liturgical Year have passed, and we’re in the long haul of endless Sundays that stretch out before us right up until All Saints Day at the beginning of November. Ordinary Time can sound dull, undramatic and frankly boring.

“The Roman Catholic theologian Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP thinks it is quite wrong to be bored by Ordinary Time.  In his excellent book, What is the Point of Being a Christian? (Burns & Oates 2005), he says, ‘Ordinary Time celebrates what is fundamental to being human, which is that we are ordered, pointed beyond ourselves.’  We can’t flourish on our own. We need others, and we need God.

“Ordinary Time reminds us that ‘the Church should be a community in which one discovers the delight of being ordinary, of belonging to each other’. (Fr Radcliffe also comments that Bishops are called ‘ordinaries’ not because they are boring (!) but because they are charged with cultivating a community in which we may learn ow to grow together.)

“The liturgical colour of Ordinary Time is green. It reminds us that we need to flourish and grow together. As you journey through this season of Ordinary Time, pray that God will continue to point you beyond yourself, that you may know the breadth, length, height and depth of his love not only for you, but for all people.”

David Urquhart, Bishop of Birmingham
June 2014

Praying Together BookletPraying Together is a Church of England Birmingham publication.

Praying Together is a booklet designed to be used daily.  It contains entries for prayer from our local churches, national church and the Anglican church worldwide.

The current booklet covering 29 June to 27 September 2014 is available at church to take away and use at home.

Praying Together is also available through Twitter @cofebirmingham  and Facebook /cofebirmingham

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