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Email address bookSt John’s Men’s Network – 72 members and growing.  

St John’s is a large church and none of us can get to know all the other men.
There are probably others in the church who share similar interests, but who we haven’t met yet.
We may have particular needs, often very simple, but don’t know who to ask.
Or there are things or skills we could offer others, but don’t know who needs them.

The main aim of the Network is to link up men at St John’s, to help us get to know each other, and help each other out practically.

If you join the Network, you can quickly get in touch with others like you, those you could help, or who could help you. It also helps bring together all those involved in other men’s activities – you can find details elsewhere on the Men’s Ministry page of our website.

Any man (aged 18 and over) with a connection to St John’s is welcome to join the Network.

At the moment, the Network simply consists of an email distribution list of all those who sign up (plus paper copies for those without email). If you send an email to it will be forwarded on to the whole Network (but all email addresses are kept confidential by using “Bcc”).

Here are some ways it’s been used recently:
• Publicising men’s events
• Offers of things to give away, sell, or lend (a bit like “Freecycle”)
• Stuff needed, or asked to borrow
• Asking for recommendations (e.g. for builders & tradesmen)
• Help or advice needed
• Organising social events

To join the Men’s Network
If you’d like to join the Network, or have any ideas for how to develop and use it – please contact Richard Kent on

To find out more about Men’s Ministry at St John’s click on the link.

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