“Really, do I really need to do that?”

From Alison Earey June 2014

“Bishop Andrew’s words to us at the Russ Parker day, for me and maybe for you, were a shock to the system. I told myself that I pray for the church anyway, why pray on my knees. When the Bishop repeated it at the APCM meeting I felt that I could no longer ignore it. I think that often when we are challenged with a spiritual discipline, our first reaction is: “Really, do I really need to do that?”

“So after the APCM I dug out my prayer stool and made a commitment to spend those mere five minutes a day on my knees for the church.

“What I have found is that instead of just praying for those people that I normally pray for or who God lays on my heart, I have been praying for a much wider range of people in the church family and at a deeper level.

“It has also caused me to re-evaluate my commitment to the church and to consider Bishop Andrew’s question about where we go now.

“I am not writing this because I think that I have the answers but because I would urge you, if you haven’t already started, or if you started but gave up, to commit yourself to this discipline. We could also use small groups to pray together on our knees for five minutes each time that we meet. We have done this in a couple of groups that I have been involved in and I have found it a moving experience as we all gave ourselves in prayer.

“Prayer moves and shifts things, we all know that, but there is something about praying on our knees, which symbolises to us and to God that we mean business; it changes the attitude of our hearts from one of comfort and ease to one of vulnerability and maybe discomfort, to shift our focus onto God. Of course, not everybody is physically able to literally get on their knees, but those of us who can should, and those of us who can’t I’m sure are in spirit joining us on our knees as we seek God’s heart for this church family.”

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  1. Catherine Field says:

    Thanks for this Alison – great to have the reminder.

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