Moving Forward

11th June 8pm at Church
A second prayer time with Bob Dunnett

Bob explains: “I feel that this evening of prayer is a direct sequel to the evening we spent as a church together on 12th February. On that occasion we were able to present our situation to God at a time of difficulty.

“Much has happened since then and, as Bishop Andrew recently told us at the APCM on 30th April, we are now in a position where we need to look forward to, and embrace new beginnings.

“We need to do this in prayer, as we did before, and together as a church. It is as important for us to gather together and look to the future as it was to gather together and give God our problems.

“New beginnings will only come as we pray and offer ourselves to God.

“Our time together on 11th June will incorporate thanksgiving for the grace that God has shown us. We will then major on two areas foundational for any new beginnings:
A deepening of our relationships with each other as a church family; and
A deepening of our own personal witness to Jesus.

“It is essentially on these two things that any future vision will be built.

“The praying will be directed into these two areas. It will largely take the shape of interaction with each other as we give expression to relating to each other and witnessing, even while we are praying over these matters.

“I feel a sense of quickening and expectation over such an evening.”

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