St John’s PCC for 2014-2015

St John's ChurchMembers of the 2014/2015 Parochial Church Council (PCC)

Chair: Revd Antony Spencer; Vice Chair: Geoff Heyes; Secretary: Libby Hubbard; Treasurer: David Harvey.
Churchwardens: Debby Bridge; Brennan Horne
Members: Dave Atkins; Issy Bartram (DS)*; Vinod Bhatia (DS); Howard Brydon; Ray Buick (DS & DCS**); Diarmid Campbell; Sue Clegg; Carol Dealey (DS & DCS); Vinod Diwaker; Alison Earey; Martin Graham; Stella Jennings (DS); Patty McCulloch; Helen Nixon (DS); Lesley Osborn (DS & DCS); Becky Pearson; James Reed; Kenneth Reid; Janet Ryland.
Others in attendance: Marjorie Featherstone; Steve Foster.
*DS Deanery Synod; *DCS Diocesan Synod

Download the full list

The work of the PCC is described in the booklet of guidelines that was prepared for the APCM on 30th April. The relevant extract of the book is as follows below:

Parochial Church Council (PCC)
The PCC comprises elected church lay members (from whom the PCC Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer are appointed), the Church Wardens (ex-officio), elected members of the Deanery Synod, and the clergy.

The PCC normally meets up to six times per annum and has a combination of spiritual, legal, financial, pastoral and missional responsibilities. These are set out in detail in the Synodical Government Measure 1969.

The broad ‘job description’ of the PCC includes the following:

The Vicar and the PCC members will consult together on issues of general concern and importance within the parish

The PCC will work with the Vicar in promoting the whole mission of the Church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical

The PCC and Vicar have responsibility for the budget and how PCC finances are used – the detail of this is managed by the treasurer and finance team

The PCC has responsibility for all church properties, including purchase and sale. Maintenance issues are generally managed by the Fabric Sub Group

The PCC will make known and put into effect provisions made at Deanery and Diocesan Synod, it will also give advice and represent St John’s views at such synods.

The PCC will consider and discuss matters relating to the Church of England

The PCC will raise such matters as the Council considers appropriate with the Diocesan or Deanery Synod

The PCC will, from time to time, appoint working or project groups to address specific areas or projects the PCC wishes to progress – such groups can include people not currently serving on PCC

The PCC will take into consideration any appropriate expression of opinion offered at any parochial church meeting

Download a full list of St John’s PCC

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