Election results from the APCM 30th April – 2014/2015 PCC members

Over 200 people gathered in church on 30th April for our Annual Parochial Church Meeting.Front cover of Annual Report 2014

The evening began informally with refreshments as people were arriving.  People were encouraged to sign in as a record of numbers attending.  Electoral Roll membership was also checked as only those on the Roll can vote at the APCM.
Eight people joined for next year at the meeting; and you can join the Roll at any point during the year.

Worship was followed by approving the minutes from 2013 and then we moved onto the business of electing new members to the PCC and Deanery Synod.
Elections to PCC and Deanery Synod are done in cycles each year. More information about the details of the election process are given in the booklet A Guide to the APCM available at church and online.

After the voting was finished a challenging address was given by Bishop Andrew.  This is now available to listen online or download as a pod cast.
He also encouraged us to read the Annual Report outlining all the ministries at St John’s.

The Finance Report was ably given by our treasurer David Harvey in which he reported on the 2013 position and explained the challenges of the year ahead.

The results of the elections were then read out and the evening ended with prayer.

The APCM was followed by a short meeting of the 2014/2015 PCC at which the members of the Standing Committee were elected. This included the positions of Vice Chair of the PCC; Secretary to the PCC and St John’s Treasurer. The Chair was appointed by Bishop Andrew.

Election Results

The following people were re-elected for three years: Geoff Heyes and Patty McCulloch.
Sue Clegg, Vinod Diwakar and Alison Earey were newly elected for three years.

Janet Ryland was re-elected for two years.
David Atkins, James Reed and Kenneth Reid were newly elected for two years.

Deanery Synod:
The following people were elected to serve for three years: Issy Bartram, Vinod Bhatia, Carol Dealey, Stella Jennings and Helen Nixon.

As a result of the elections this year,and those in previous years our 2014/2015 Parochial Council is made up as follows:
Download a full listing

Antony Spencer (Chair)

Church Wardens
Debby Bridge and Brennan Horne

Geoff Heyes (Vice Chair)
Libby Hubbard (Secretary)
David Harvey (Treasurer)

David Atkins, Howard Brydon, Diarmid Campbell, Sue Clegg, Vinod Diwakar, Alison Earey, Martin Graham, Stella Jennings, Patty McCulloch, Becky Pearson, James Reed, Kenneth Reid and Janet Ryland

Deanery Synod
Elected by St John’s, ex officio members of St John’s PCC
Issy Bartram, Vinod Bhatia, Carol Dealey, Stella Jennings and Helen Nixon.

Diocesan Synod
Not elected by St John’s, ex officio members of St John’s PCC
Ray Buick, Carol Dealey, Lesley Osborn

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